(★UPDATE) “M!Countdown” Cancels TST’s Appearance After Kyeongha’s Sexual Harassment Case

Mnet announced that they have cancelled TST (TOPSECRET)’s performance on M Countdown this week, following reports that member Lee Kyeongha was found guilty and sentenced for sexual harassment. An Mnet representative made an announcement that they decided to cancel their appearance after they confirmed that the scandal was true. The group was set to perform their latest song, “LOVE STORY”.

“TST was on the final lineup for M Countdown, but after confirming the truth with their label, we decided to cancel their broadcast appearance.”

— Mnet

Kyeongha was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 3 years probation, and 40 hours of sexual abuse classes after he was found guilty of forcefully harassing a woman back in December 2014. TST’s label, JSL Company, announced that they will file an appeal and prove that Kyeongha is innocent.

“It’s true that [Kyeongha] received his sentencing at the first trial, but the forceful harassment accusations are absolutely untrue. We will fight back until the end.”

— JSL Company

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