10 Former Child Stars Who Look Totally Different Now (And 10 Exactly The Same)

Child stars could have very long successful careers that surpass their awkward teenage years or they could disappear once the kid roles are no longer coming in. If they stay in the spotlight long enough, audiences see them grow up and maybe they don’t see any major changes in their features as they become adults. However, if they leave for a few years and suddenly reappear, they might look like a whole different person.

Some of the former child actors end up leaving the business at an early age, making it even more difficult to recognize them when they are reintroduced as adults. Maybe these former child actors left in time to escape the scrutiny that the ones who stayed received as they grew up in front of the public eye.

There are also those very lucky child stars who look exactly the same since their film debut. Just think of Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional and years later in Black Swan. Talk about incredible genes!

For others, puberty hits them like a ton of bricks and their features change dramatically. They also can change their hair color, grow facial hair, or even change their build. This could be a good thing, as they transform from a sweet, round-cheeked child star to a fit, handsome grown up. Just think of Matthew Lewis, otherwise known as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise.

Here are 10 Child Stars Who Haven’t Changed And 10 Who Still Look Exactly the Same.

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