10 Hidden Secrets In Black Mirror Bandersnatch You Missed

The interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie gives viewers the opportunity to choose their own story, but it also packs several hidden secrets and details they may have missed. The Black Mirror film arrived late last year and quickly took the internet by storm as viewers attempted to see every possible variation and ending. Bandersnatch follows the life of video game developer Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) as he attempts to make his first video game.

There are several different choices that viewers must make, and they’ll completely change the outcome of the story depending on what is chosen. Through the various story paths, Stefan can learn about Netflix itself, that he’s being controlled by something else, that he’s been monitored his entire life, and much more. The movie has five different endings in total that all wrap up Stefan’s story in some way, but while viewers are busy choosing his next move, they may have missed some major secrets.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at some of the many hidden secrets that you might have missed in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. There are ten secrets discussed in total, with some showing connective threads between the first Black Mirror movie and some of the previously released episodes. Check out the video below for the full list to see if there’s anything you didn’t notice already:

Netflix and creator Charlie Brooker clearly put a lot of time and effort into planting these details, but this effort expands to the making of the entire movie. Of course, they may have gone a bit overboard in some areas as director David Slade previously stated that there are some scenes even they can’t unlock or access. There is one secret scene that has been uncovered in the time since Bandersnatch was released that takes a very specific set of actions to achieve, but it is unclear if it is the same one Slade was referring to.

Some of the details that may be most exciting to viewers and fans of the entire Black Mirror library, though, are likely the connections to a larger universe. There are plenty of teases that some of this content exists in the same world, but any larger ties have yet to be confirmed. We do know, however, that a full fifth season of Black Mirror is on the way eventually, and Brooker has teased before that the new season may be more optimistic than the show has been in the past. However the series continues, fans will undoubtedly be looking to see if there are any connections to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in the future.

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