10 Iconic Sitcom Stars Who Got Together (And 10 Who Are Just Friends)

Sitcoms are some of our most loved shows on TV. There’s nothing like tuning in after a long day and getting stuck into the comedic staged lives of characters you love.

The best sitcoms have a premise built to offer as many funny situations and character dynamics as possible. And the best characters can run the gambit from jerks that nonetheless entertain us, to the more sympathetic underdogs who win our hearts more and more with every bumbling misstep.

One of most fan’s favorite parts of any sitcom are love interests.

Everybody hopes to find romance, and sitcom characters tend to be more realistic than characters in other TV shows and movies. So we root for Ross and Rachel or Jim and Pam to hook up all the more. The awkward and funny realism of their lives makes their relationships more engaging to viewers.

Sometimes, the on-screen chemistry between sitcom actors boils over into the real world, or the real life relationship makes for a more compelling on-screen performance.

Plenty of your favorite sitcom couples are or were in real life relationships. However, others kept things professional and became great friends.

For this list ,we’re setting the record straight. We’re making and breaking fans’ dreams left and right. If you ever wanted to know if there was something more to Jerry and Elaine, Andy and April, Penny and Leonard, we’ve got the details right here.

With that said, here are the 10 Iconic Sitcom Stars Who Got Together (And 10 Who Are Just Friends)!

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