10 Movies That Were Hurt By A Mid-Film Director Change (And 10 That Were Saved)

Making movies is a difficult business. Deadlines, technical problems, stuck up actors, the list goes on and on. Movies can be even more of a pain for a director. It’s a role that can be a lot of pressure. The director has to appease the corporate suits of the movie studio while also trying to realize their artistic vision and keep their sets a well-oiled machine. They must be tough but compassionate, artistic but efficient. The weight of the whole movie is under them, and it’s their job to make sure everyone is in line and doing what they have to in order to get the best production out on time. It takes a certain kind of personality, one that can handle pressure and have a vision.

While most directors don’t have any problem with that, there are the rare few that just can’t handle the responsibilities that being a director comes with. Some directors have left films over disputes with studios while others leave due to their unhappiness with the production while working on set. Some directors don’t leave at all and end up getting kicked off the project. They could be falling behind with production deadlines, incompetent for the demands of the job, or their work is just not what the studio is looking for.

These are just a few of the reasons why a director would be replaced mid-way through working on a film, sometimes it’s even a film they’ve been developing for years. It happens more often than you would think!

Here are 10 Movies That Were Hurt By A Mid-Filming Director Change (And 10 That Were Saved).

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