10 Must-Have BTS Things That ARMYs Have Zero Money To Buy In 2019

It’s a new year but ARMYs are as broke as ever, thanks to BTS and BigHit Entertainment. From music to merch, here are 10 must-have BTS things that will ruin ARMY’s nonexistent finances in 2019.


1. BTS’s next album


Well, if there’s one BTS item ARMYs have to buy no matter what, it’s BTS’s 2019 album. The release date for this album hasn’t dropped yet, but it’s never too early to start pinching pennies.


2. Tickets to see BTS’s Love Yourself in Seoul movie


Tickets for the special ScreenX viewing for this film typically range from $15 USD to $21 USD, depending on where you live in the world. Plus, now that it’s going to be in theatres for a while, you might be tempted to see it more than once.


3. A fast pass for BTS’s Save Me webtoon


Sure, you could wait for the new chapters to become available for free reading, but let’s be honest; the stress will kill you first.


4. BTS x Mattel dolls


Move over Ken, Mattel and Big Hit Entertainment have announced the collaboration of the century: BTS dolls! If the Mattel dolls are half as pretty as these fanmade ball-jointed dolls, then ARMY’s going to be broke. Really, really broke.


5. The Notes


After nearly a month of driving ARMYs crazy with cryptic Smeraldo Books teasers, BigHit Entertainment finally revealed what it’s all for: BTS’s literary debutThe Notes 1 is available in Korean, English, and Japanese, and since the covers are so pretty, you might just have to buy all three.


6. Concert tickets


This one is always the killer. Concert tickets aren’t cheap (if you can get them), but how can anyone resist seeing BTS in person?


7. New BT21 merch


BT21 is sure to create some adorable new merch this year that ARMYs will have a very difficult time saying no to.


8. Endorsed products, like this beverage

Last year, BTS became Coke ambassadors along with Park Bo Gum. Recently, Coca-Cola released a brand new commercial featuring BTS’s “Love Myself”, so ARMYs might be feeling a little thirsty right now!


9. Non-endorsed products, like this fabric softener


ARMYs don’t just want to buy products that BTS officially promotes; they also want to buy ones that the BTS members just happen to like. Jungkook recently caused a Downy shortage when he told ARMY he uses it for his own laundry!


10. This car


There’s absolutely no way Hyundai‘s Palisade is in your budget, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t dreamed of driving it…with BTS.

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