10 Netflix Stars Who Dated In Real Life (And 10 Who Are Just Friends)

Over time, Netflix has become not only the leading streaming service platform, but also one of the most significant content creators in Hollywood. Movies, TV series, documentaries, and even reality shows – there’s something for everybody to binge-watch on the service.

With studies now showing that Netflix has as many subscribers as cable television, it is no wonder that the company has attracted top talent to join its roster of TV shows and movies. From superhero properties to romantic comedies, from R-rated projects to kid-friendly content, Netflix has already managed to bring in the likes of Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Naomi Watts, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, and Jane Fonda. Moreover, the company has also managed to turn previously unknown actors into international celebrities, such as the stars from Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, and Black Mirror.

As of 2018, Netflix has over five thousand titles in its library, and an increasingly large portion of that amount is made up of original content. With so many movies and TV shows in the pipeline, Netflix was bound to see many of its stars become close – either romantically or through friendships.

Like most relationships in Hollywood, many of these connections were brief. However, some of these people have developed long-lasting bonds that still endure to this day. If you ever wondered whether certain co-stars shared any chemistry off-screen, or what was behind a certain pair of Netflix stars, this is the time to find out the truth.

These are 10 Netflix Stars Who Dated In Real Life (And 10 Who Are Just Friends).

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