10+ Photos of TWICE Momo Showing Her Cute Charms

While we all know TWICE’s Momo can be a fierce dance machine when on stage, off-stage, it’s another story.

She has just as many cute charms that deserve to be noticed!

So we’ve decided to share 10+ photos of moments when Momo’s cute charms totally ensnared us and made us members of the “Momo fanclub”!

1) Fairy Princess Momo definitely casts a spell on us!

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2) We definitely aren’t “TT” after seeing Momo and her “Sailor Moon” buns.

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3) We’d definitely want to board the S.S. TWICE if Momo was the ship’s captain.

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4) We’re definitely in UwU mode imagining Pikamomo and Momo Mouse!

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5) Even nerd Momo is a cutie patootie that we’d love to be friends with.


Bonus: More Cute Momo…just because!


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