10+ Photos of TWICE Red Carpet Looks That Left Us Breathless

With all the hoopla over Mina‘s stunning red carpet outfit that she wore during the 2019 Gaon Music Chart Awards, we decided to take a look back and highlight other TWICE red carpet looks that we loved.

So there are our favorites:

1) Momo’s ready for her closeup in daring little black dress.

C0m0S_ZVQAAJji1 Momo1

The semi-bare sleeves add an interesting element to make the dress unique and her spider-web laced shoes add a bit of a punk element to the ensemble.

Momo‘s so hot, then even Jihyo has to cover her face to protect her eyes from Momo’s radiance!

2) Tzuyu is angelic in this white number, and adds a hit of sexiness with a “peekaboo” cut.

10cj5sizxpwz DBZLkphUAAA1Umr

She also smartly wore darker shoes to match her hair, and looks so glamorous!

3) Dahyun is so fresh in fly with this bold striped and sequined outfit.


Dahyun always impresses us with her red carpet looks because she manages to always add a funky, youthful flair to all her outfits that perfectly fits her 4D personality.

4) Nayeon is in full bloom with this flower patterned lace tinged dress.

nayeon3 16b6b06b091ca84378e2efd6f1876012

Lace is very difficult to pull off, but Nayeon nails it with her accessories (the cross and bangle earrings) and by highlighting the contrasts of her outfit with her dark shoes.

5) Jihyo goes bold in this velvety semi-see through dress.

c2769472f743096fff7bb0c981b8eb19 unnamed

Having the lace pattern is a bold move since see-though outfits could easily turn into a fashion blunder, but Jihyo nails it!

Bonus: Mina is a classic beauty at the 2019 GMAs.

190758_m ededa07aabd6153bd27adbdac7d5c8f6

We really don’t have words. Mina is stunning.

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