10 Photos To Ensure EXO’s Sehun Will Never Get Bald

Netizens have chosen EXO‘s Sehun as an idol who doesn’t have to worry about going bald ever. Sehun’s hair is full and luscious, it makes his fans jealous of his healthy locks. Here are 10 photos that show Sehun’s hair deserves all the attention and more.

1. You can’t see his scalp even when he’s shaking his head

2. Look at all that hair!

sehun hair (1)

3. Doesn’t it look like spaghetti, right?

sehun hair (1)

4. Layer upon layer

5. So bouncy and luscious

sehun hair (2)

6. It’s like a personal pillow

7. His hair gives him extra 3 inches

sehun hair (3)

8. So much hair, he can’t just flip it

9. His hair is probably bigger than his face

sehun hair (5)

10. No. Empty. Spaces


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