10 Shows To Watch If You Liked Netflix’s Sex Education

Netflix’s new series Sex Education is a brilliant and hilarious dive into what it means to be a young person struggling with the realities of their budding sexuality.  We follow Otis and Maeve as they work to set up a healthy environment for their peers to discuss the complexities of relationships and address any questions that they may have, but find themselves unable to talk about in any meaningful and healthy way. The series is as informative as it is hysterical, so we can see how someone would be looking for more of the same after the conclusion of the first season’s eighth and final episode. Let’s take a look at some of the best shows to fill that nagging empty hole in your queue.

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If you’re looking for a show that deals with British teens and budding sexuality while delivering a bit of a twist, then Netflix’s The End Of The F—ing World may be the perfect show for you. The series follows James (a teen whose homicidal inclinations happen to be budding just as much as his sexuality) and Alyssa (a rebellious teen — and James’ potential first victim), who just wants to get away from the life she’s in. They decide to take a trip around the country after stealing James’ father’s car and holding up a gas station. Buckle up. It’s certainly a bumpy ride.

While a twisted animated tale by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll may not be the first show that comes to mind when brainstorming what to watch to while waiting for Sex Education’s season two, it will certainly fill the void for anyone looking for similar hilarious stories about puberty, disgusting and horrifying sexual mishaps, or just something to laugh at while detaching from the shame of your own pubescent misadventures. Big Mouth may lack some of the more serious tones that Sex Education balances so with its comedy so well, but underneath the crass, raunchy humor is an honest story about the awkwardness of growing up.

While Sex Education takes a young student and hoists him into a position of knowledge and power above his peers, helping them learn and grow as healthy young adults, A.P. Bio does the exact opposite. A.P. Bio follows former Harvard philosophy professor Jack Griffin as he reluctantly heads back to his home town to teach A.P. Bio at his former high school after losing his job at Harvard. Jack is in a position of power over these young kids, and while he is teaching them, the lessons usually revolve around things like catfishing his nemesis and former coworker Miles, head of the Philosophy department at Harvard. So if you’re in need of a crass, rude, and hilarious teacher corrupting a class filled with exceptional young students, then A.P. Bio is a show you’ll want to check out.

Skins is a hard series to narrow down into one specific genre. At times it can be one of the most heart-breaking dramas you’re likely to find anywhere. At other times it can be one of the most hysterical viewing experiences an audience can find. Skins follows several groups of students as they make their way through adolescence — partying, drinking, drugs, and sex play some key roles in the lives of each group of young students. If you’re looking for a show that will take you through the highs and lows of what it’s like growing up, partying, and experiencing a time where consequences seem so incredibly far away, then Skins is a show you’ll thoroughly enjoy binging.

In the brilliant and educational series, distinguished journalist Christiane Amanpour sets out on a trip around the world to discover and illuminate how sexual relations, intimacy, and partnerships are changing in our ever-changing world. This is for anyone who appreciated all the knowledge Otis’ mother Jean doles out over the course of the series while helping her son, his friends, and her clients alike. Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around The World is sure to leave you both educated and entertained as you delve into some complex sexual discussions with Christiane Amanpour as your guide through the thick of it. So whether you’re looking to educate yourself a little further or just looking to see how sexual relationships are changing throughout the world, you’re sure to enjoy this series.

While Sex Education mostly focuses on young teens coming into their sexual awakening, Wanderlust focuses much more heavily on what happens when these sexual awakenings take place much later in life. What happens when you’re left sexually unsatisfied by the partner you’ve chosen to dedicate your life to and built a family with? What complications arise when a married couple with several children decide to open up their marriage and start dating other people while trying to hold their marriage together? These are just a few questions the series tries to answer in its freshman season. If you happened to be a fan of the complicated sexual conundrums Sex Education brought up and responded to, then you’ll likely find something to love in Wanderlust.

Fresh Meat is yet another in a series of British comedies revolving around a group of young people as they gain true independence for the first time — along with all the booze, drugs, and sex that come along with it. The series follows a group of loveable yet flawed young students as they move into a shared off-campus residence. The group quickly make themselves at home around each other, often partying, laughing, and generally having a good time. There are a few instances of minor dramas between the main characters, but for the most part, Fresh Meat is a laugh-out-loud series that anyone who enjoyed the comedy of Sex Education will no doubt enjoy.

While She’s Gotta Have It does not take place overseas, it is a stunning and beautiful depiction of a young woman who is truly comfortable with her sexuality and unwilling to make compromises when it comes to living her life the way she chooses. The series, much like the Spike Lee joint it was based on, follows Nola Darling as she navigates the complex waters or polyamory along with the three men and a single woman that she dates throughout the series. Spike Lee has done a magnificent job of updated his tale about feminine sexuality and independence to the modern age. Something that fans of Sex Education are sure to appreciate.

Lovesick, or as it was previously called Scrotal Recall (definitely a change made for the better), is a series about a young man traipsing through his previous girlfriends after discovering he’s caught chlamydia. Or at least that’s how the series kicks off anyway. From its rather ridiculous beginnings, Lovesick blossoms into a poignant tale about how to find love in this complicated and confusing age. Fans of Sex Education will adore the absolutely hilarious mishaps Dylan, the main character, and his friends manage to get themselves into while searching for love. And healthy genitalia.

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Netflix’s Easy is a brilliant and (mostly) comedic dive into relationships of all sorts. It’s an anthology series where each season is comprised of a few stories following several different characters. So whether you’re following the married couple looking to spice up their relationship with a little bit of improvised roleplaying, the married couple looking to open up their relationship and have a little fun on tinder, or a young woman figuring out what means to be part of a relationship rather than becoming the relationship, there are plenty of stories (interwoven or not) that fans of Sex Education can look forward to continuing through the two seasons currently available on Netflix. It’s quite possible this one series explores all different types of relationships and issues from every other show on the list combined, so it’s definitely not a series you want to miss out on.

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