10 Things Fans Want To See In The Downton Abbey Movie

We’re suckers for period dramas, so when Downton Abbey aired in 2010, we didn’t stand a chance. From the attention to detail to the wonderful acting to the historically accurate depiction of living in, and managing an estate at the end of the Edwardian era, this series is both engrossing and believable.

Given the show’s track record of consistent storytelling excellence, we’re sure the Downton Abbey film won’t disappoint. But while we’re eager and willing to take whatever plotlines the writers throw our way, we’ve still got a list of things we’d like to happen in the upcoming film. Check out these 10 things fans want to see in the new Downton Abbey movie.

10. Reconciliation Between Mary And Edith

Look, we know siblings don’t always get along, and Lady Mary and Lady Edith have certainly had their differences throughout the series. There was the time Edith tried to expose Mary’s secret steamy night with Kemal Pamuk, the Turkish ambassador who died in her bed. Then, there was the time that Mary said something awful to Edith. Wait, when did that happen? Hmm…oh, yeah! Every episode in the series.

Okay, so we’re not expecting any miracles on the Lady Mary/Lady Edith feud front. We’re sure we’ll see plenty of catty remarks, and that’s fine because, hey, who doesn’t love that drama? But still, some reconciliation would be nice.

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9. More Dowager Countess Sassery

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll admit, we’re a little biased when it comes to all things Maggie Smith. She was Professor McGonagall, for crying out loud! The woman’s had more memorable roles than most actors could shake a stick at, and we love all of them. But out of all of her roles, the Dowager Countess Violet Grantham just might be our all-time fave.

She’s sassy, she’s classy, she’s everything that we want to be! Fingers crossed Violet will play a major role in the new movie, and you’d better cross the fingers on your other hand for good measure because we’d also love to see some more good-natured verbal sparring between Violet and Isobel!

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8. An Update On Anna And Bates

Obviously, we’re stoked to catch up with everyone in the Downton Abbey movie, but we’re especially excited to see what everybody’s favorite downstairs couple is up to. Anna Smith and John Bates’s romance wasn’t exactly whirlwind (if you don’t count all the jail business, that is), but it was sweet and steady and had every viewer rooting for them along the way.

In the series finale, Anna gave birth to a son, and that was a lovely way to finish up the show, but, frankly…we want more. We want to see what Anna and Mr. Bates are up to now. Are they still working at Downton? Do they have more kids? Are they still cute and adorable in every way? Actually, we already know the answer to that last one. It’s a yes.

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7. Modern Management of the Estate

One of the biggest trials of managing an estate, as we’ve all learned after binge-watching Downton Abbey, is trying to usher such a massive house.

In order for the estate to keep on keeping on, it’s got to adapt. Now that Downton Abbey is free from debts and the threat of ownership from someone outside the immediate family, the Crowleys can focus on new, innovative ways to keep their home and the grounds around it firing on all cylinders. We can’t wait to see not just what the characters at Downton are up to, but also the estate itself.

6. The Return of O’Brien

Sarah O’Brien was a diabolical villain, and she proved on more than one occasion that she was not only capable, but willing to stoop to a new low just to get revenge. She also had a conscience, however (sometimes), feeling guilty about her actions, and ultimately staying loyal to her… Well, maybe not “friends” per se, but you get the idea.

O’Brien ditched Downton and became lady’s maid to Robert’s cousin, Susan McClare. It’s later revealed that she had been employed by the Governor’s wife in India. While expecting to see O’Brien in the new movie may be unreasonable, we can’t help but long for a confrontation between O’Brien and Cora… And O’Brien and Thomas… And O’Brien and Mr. Bates… And, look, we’d like to see all of the drama involved with O’Brien’s return.

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5. Edith as a Marchioness

If we had a dollar for every time we sighed, “Poor Edith!” we’d be rich. Lady Edith was put through the wringer. She was jilted at the altar, she couldn’t marry her boyfriend because he was secretly married to a mad woman, she had a child out of wedlock—whom she was forced to give up for propriety’s sake—and the list goes on.

But, Edith finally won in the end! She got her daughter back, ran the publication her boyfriend left her, and became a success on her own. She even found love. Edith married a marquess and became a marchioness—a rank higher than Lady Mary’s. We’d love to see how Edith tackles her new challenges, and how she and Bertie are doing at Brancaster Castle.

4. A Catch-Up With The Kitchen Staff

The downstairs part of Downton Abbey may as well be the engine room, and the busiest part of the downstairs has got to be the kitchen. Mrs. Patmore, head cook of the estate, runs a well-oiled machine. While she and her assistant cooks, they are always busy planning elaborate meals, creating menus for parties and, of course, cooking.

But just because Mrs. Patmore and Daisy make a lot of delicious food doesn’t mean that’s all they do. By the end of the series, Mrs. Patmore is running a bed and breakfast, and Daisy, after advancing her education, runs a farm with her father-in-law. How’s Mrs. Patmore’s side business going? How’s Daisy managing the Mason farm? We hope to find out in the new movie.

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3. More Stunning Fashion

Downton Abbey‘s a feast for the eyes. From the beautiful exterior shots of the estate to the lavishly decorated interior, every scene is eye candy for a period drama lover. But the most aesthetically pleasing part of the show has gotta be the costumes.

The series starts in 1912 and takes viewers through World War I to the Roaring ’20s. When the series ended, the year was 1925, and the show’s catalog of dresses through the decades was ever-changing, but always glamorous. As major fans of Downton Abbey, we can’t wait to see what the film has in store for us when it comes to clothing. Considering the series’s history of attention to detail, we’re sure the film will more than meet our expectations.

2. An Update On Rose And Atticus

Lady Rose, the daughter of Robert’s cousin, Lady Susan, came to stay with the Crawleys in 1920 (season three of the series), shortly after Lady Sybil died. When we first meet her, Rose is a vivacious, flirty, exuberant teenager with a knack for landing herself in hot water. With a little guidance from the Crawleys, Rose becomes less rebellious and trades in her love of the flapper lifestyle for charity work, which is how she meets her husband, Atticus Aldridge, with whom she now has a daughter.

Rose and Atticus were too cute for school, and if there’s one thing we want to see from the film, it’s an update on these two. What’s going on with them? Where are they living? Come on! Give us the deets, Downton Abbey screenwriters!

1. More American Antics

Cora’s family is mentioned throughout the series, but don’t appear very often because they live in New York. Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson, appears in the first two episodes of season three, and again in the series four Christmas special. She’s enthusiastic and open-minded and modern. A mirror image of Violet Crawley, Martha adds some zest to the series.

Cora’s brother, Harold (played by Billions‘ Paul Giamatti), also appears in the series four Christmas special. Compared to the well-mannered Brits, Harold is socially inept and vulgar — just like his mom! Aw, he’s a chip off the old block! Cora’s carefree side of the family may be a far cry from Robert’s prim and proper side, but we love the way they shake things up.

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