11 Best (And 15 Worst) Unused Disney Concept Art

Disney films fill a special place in many people’s hearts, whether they transport us back to our own childhoods or transcend time and generational gaps altogether, unifying people of all ages with timeless stories and memorable characters we can all enjoy.

That’s not to say that the Mouse hasn’t had its problems over the years, but overall the brainchild of Walt Disney now seems more accessible and delightful than ever as they bridge people from all walks of life and forge new paths into the world of animated adventure.

Sometimes a concept doesn’t make it out of the early stages of development, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Knowing the vast number of ideas that made it through the chop shop alone is astounding, since we often don’t think about the ideas that get cut. Ince we see some of the concept artwork, it helps us get an idea about why a movie may have seemed like a great idea only to be nixed.

Some early Disney concept art holds so much promise for exciting, beautiful stories that we are heartbroken to learn that it was nixed along the way, forever prompting us to wonder what might have been. Others appear so problematic, whether due to tone deaf writing, awful artwork, or just plain bad storytelling, that we’re happy to hear that they’ll never make it onto a big screen.

From the magic that dreams are made of to a few absolute nightmares, here are 11 Best Unused Disney Concept Art (And 15 Worst).

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