11 Of The Most Iconic Lines In K-Pop History

K-Pop songs are full of iconic lines. It doesn’t matter if the song is old or new, it seems like every song has at least one line that always sticks out to fans and makes them remember for years to come. Whether it be an introduction or a chorus line, here are some of the most memorable lines in K-Pop history!


11. “Hey mamacita naeya ayayayaya!”


10. “My name is T to the A to the EEeeeh, Y to the ANG”


9. “I want nobody nobody but you”


8. *whispers* JYP


7. “Shy shy shy”


6. ” Boom Shaka Laka”


5. “Sarageul haedta uriga manna”


4. “Dibidibidis, my name is Minho”


3. “Shawty Imma party till the sundown”


2. “BLACKPINK in your area”


1. “Ayo GG”

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