12 Monkeys’ Final Season: James Cole Is A Man With ‘Everything To Lose’

12 Monkeys is on its way to wrapping up its time-hopping storyline, and a key part of that story is seeing protagonist James Cole (Aaron Stanford) go from a man on a mission to one who has everything to lose. The final season of the SYFY series is in the midst of a four-week marathon that has James, Cassie (Amanda Schull), Jennifer (Emily Hampshire), and Katarina (Barbara Sukowa) trying once and for all to prevent humanity’s downfall and set the time stream right after all their mucking about. 

So far, it’s been something of a wild ride, with James and Cassie heading off on separate missions with wildly different objectives, only to be reunited once James confirmed he was destined to play a role in the events of the series. And just recently the series introduced a whopping twist that will have people talking. Twist or no, however, the game is coming to an end, and Stanford says James’ current predicament have raised the stakes to a higher degree than they ever have been before. 

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In an interview with Screen Rant, Stanford discussed the final season storyline and how it unfolds in such a way as to give the upcoming finale and the story of James Cole much higher stakes than previously thought. Stanford said: 

“I think he is, at this point in the season, he’s very determined to see things through to the end, but he’s of a very different mind than he was at the beginning of the seres, where really he was on a suicide mission. He wanted basically for it to be over for him. He was a man with nothing to lose and was more than willing to do that, and at this point, in the story he’s gained so much and now he has everything to lose, so the stakes are much, much higher for him at this point.”

The series is set to wrap up next week with the final two episodes (hopefully) delivering the ending fans have  been waiting for. SYFY has been experimenting with how it delivers 12 Monkeys these last two seasons, and so far the four-week marathon has made for fun Friday night viewings. With just one week to go, it will be interesting to see how Stanford’s assessment of the series’ high stakes plays out. 

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12 Monkeys will conclude next Friday with ‘The Beginning: Part 1 & 2’ on SYFY.

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