12 Western Artists Who Want To Collaborate With BTS

It shouldn’t be a surprise that BTS are a hot commodity. Within the past few years, a number of western artists have expressed their desire to get together and do a collaboration. While most of the artists haven’t confirmed whether a collab is in the cards, they have been very honest about their feelings for the group and fans can’t help but imagine what kind of awesome music these artists could make together.


1. Shawn Mendes

BTS and Shawn Mendes have both expressed interest in working with each other and have even been teasing fans with a possible collab for over a year.

Shawn first expressed his wish to work with them after the American Music Awards.


And it looks like the collab will actually happen. Shawn was recently on the Roz and Mocha Show and gave a few updates on their progress as well as promising fans it was in the works!


2. Zedd

Last November, the EDM hitmaker and BTS sent some major love to each other. Zedd had heard that BTS were his fans and he, in turn, showed he was a fan of the group!


He sent out a tweet expressing a desire to work with them.


And BTS sent back a positive tweet.


On top of that Zedd has also reaffirmed that he wants to work with them during an interview in April.


3. Troye Sivan

Back in May, BTS named Troye Sivan as someone they would like to work with in the future. 


A few months before BTS talked about him, Troye Sivan was asked whether he would do a collab with BTS and he responded positively.

He said he thought it would be “so fun” and admitted that he had watched all of their music videos but wasn’t sure how to go about asking them for a collab!



It’s not just solo artists that have expressed an interest in working with the K-Pop superstars.


Last June DNCE responded to a fan’s question about working with BTS and they responded that they would collab with them any day!


5. Maluma

Do Latin music and K-Pop mix? Well according to Maluma they would work perfectly together!


In March, the chart-topping reggaeton singer officially stated that he would “love” to work with BTS.


6. Tinashe

Previously, J-Hope had given a shoutout to Tinashe and said that she was an artist that he would like to work with in the future.


It turns out Tinashe was flattered by his kind words and expressed her own desire for working with BTS.


7. Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort has never been shy with his love for BTS, but while promoting in Korea for “Baby Driver” he expressed his desire to work with them.


He thought collaborating with them would be a lot of fun!

“Obviously acting and film is a big part of my career, but music is also. And I’d love to collaborate with BTS. I think it would be a lot of fun.” — Ansel Elgort


Ansel has also expressed his desire to be the eighth member of BTS.


8. Kehlani

Last year, Kehlani tweeted, “Y’all tell BTS to holla at me” after RM and V mentioned her as an inspiration during a livestream.

Although the tweet has been deleted, fans are still hopeful that a collab could happen in the future.


9. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki may have already worked with BTS on their hit “Mic Drop” but that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to work with them some more!


In fact, earlier this year he hinted that he was working on producing some new music with the group!


10. Fifth Harmony

BTS has a lot of famous fans and it turns out the girls of Fifth Harmony are some of them.


During a Q & A video, the girls were asked about their love of K-Pop and couldn’t help but gush over BTS. Additionally, they said they would love to do a collab.

“We’d love to like meet you and collab!” — Ally, Fifth Harmony


11. Jason Derulo

Back in May, Jason Derulo talked about being a fan of K-Pop and how impressed he is with every idols hard-working nature. He had particular praise for BTS.


He was also asked if he was working on anything with a K-Pop artist and was very excited but wouldn’t say much on the topic. This, in turn, led some fans to think that he was talking with BTS about a possible collab!

“Um…I am actually in the process of doing something. I can’t tell you what though!” — Jason Derulo


12. Maroon 5

Last year fans asked Maroon 5 if they would consider a collab with BTS and in return, the group sent out a number of mysterious tweets that seemed like the group was down with it.

The tweets have since been deleted but fans still can’t get over their last tweet stating, “not sure you can handle it.

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