13 Photos That Proves Baekhyun Is The True Owner Of Sehun’s Shoulders

EXO-Ls are well aware EXO members are close as brothers and really comfortable with each other. They are always hugging or touching each other on and off stage and fans find it adorable. Among them, Baekhyun is often seen resting his head on Sehun like it’s his personal pillow. Here are 14 photos and gifs to prove Baekhyun is the true owner of Sehun’s shoulders.

1. Baekhyun looks so cozy

2. Just resting on Sehun’s shoulder

3. Sleeping at the airport

baekhyun lean (1)

4. It’s so comfortable, Baekhyun’s falling a sleep

baekhyun lean (1)

5. An outdoor nap sounds nice…

baekhyun lean (2)

6. Should we be worried?

7. Taking a break during the radio

8. Twice in one day!

9. Full on pillow

baekhyun lean (3)

10. Is it glued on there?

11. Even on the stage

baekhyun lean (5)

12. This is mine!

13. It’s all your’s Baekhyun!

baekhyun lean (6)

It funny Sehun doesn’t even budge when Baekhyun leans on him. We love seeing these cute moments between the two!

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