15 Crazy Secrets About Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s shield is an important part of his identity, and a universal symbol of freedom and a reminder of the American way.

However, in the nearly 80-year-long-history of Cap and his famous shield, there have been many obstacles and changes that both have faced. These have been due to new writers as well as because of experimental changes. However, overall, they have only

added to the darker side of Marvel that many fans are clueless about.

The shield itself has served many purposes, some of which have been much crazier than many fans would imagine. This includes its reinvention by the Nazis, its role as a fatal weapon, and the time it bizarrely acted as a makeshift urn.

It has also been the victim of countless redesigns and has been destroyed more times than even most true fans can count.

By this point, the shield has become such a large part of the Marvel universe. In fact, it has become so popular that it occasionally overshadows the hero who bears it.

With that said, here are the 15 Crazy Secrets About Captain America’s Shield.

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