15 Female Idols Who Went For The “No Pants” Look

Koreans tend to frown upon cleavage being exposed, but don’t mind a bit of bare leg action – so ha-yi-sil-jong fashion, or “no pants” look (literally meaning “missing bottoms”), is a popular choice for idols who don’t want to look like they’re intentionally exposing skin. Plus, it’s super stylish! Whether as a casual day look or sexy red carpet outfit, the below idols rocked the ha-yi-sil-jong look with their own individual style.


1. Suzy


2. Tzuyu (TWICE)


3. Yeri (Red Velvet)


4. HyunA


5. Hani (EXID)

Hani loves it for it’s comfort and style, but is well known for rocking the pant-less concept for EXID’s first album release, too.


6.  Choi Yeo Jin


7. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene knows how to wear it on stage, but she can also rock the casual no pants look!


8. Yura (Girl’s Day)


9. Hyolyn


10. Yuju (GFRIEND)


11. Lee Suhyun


12. Yujin (CLC)


13. SinB (GFRIEND)


14. Hyosung


15. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

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