15 Most Epic Hairstyles Of BTS Since Debut

BTS is known for their colorful hair and changing styles, but there are a few iconic looks that come to mind, like RM‘s gangster cut and Suga‘s 2014 braids. Check out some of the boys’s most epic hairstyles since debut.


1. RM’s debut mohawk


2. Jungkook’s side-swept bangs


3. Suga’s braids


4. Jungkook’s cherry hair with full bangs


4. RM’s short blue undercut


5. Suga’s mint hair



6. J-Hope’s red bangs


7. Jin’s pink side part


7.  V’s green highlights with full bangs


8. RM’s white undercut


9. Jimin’s carrot-shade with full bangs


10. Jungkook’s curled emo look


11. V’s orange hair with side bangs


12. RM’s red do


13. Jimin’s blonde locks


14. Jin’s blonde side part


15. Jin and V’s apple hair


16. Bonus: Ceci photo shoot that had them all “epic”ly styled!

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