20 Crazy Details About Professor X’s Body

The X-Men were founded by Professor Charles Xavier, who gathered five mutant teenagers together and trained them to act as the defenders of mutantkind, whether that be in a political forum or against other mutants who had chosen to use their powers for their own gain.

Charles Xavier is usually not considered to be a member of the X-Men, as he acts in more of a mentor role and rarely takes part in their missions.

Despite this, he is one of the most powerful associates of the team and may be the strongest telepath in the Marvel universe.

There have been times when Charles Xavier has pitted his mind against the likes of Apocalypse and the Phoenix… and came out the victor.

The question regarding Charles Xavier is whether you can trust him or not? Charles Xavier can know all of your secrets with a single use of his telepathic powers, which means that he carries a lot of forbidden knowledge in his head.

This is to say nothing of the fact that he has had to hide his true identity as a mutant throughout most of his life and created a team of superpowered teenagers who are loyal to him above anyone else.

Charles Xavier has come off as a sketchy guy on many occasions and has been cast out of the X-Men by his own students when his true schemes have come to light.

We are here today to reveal the secrets of the founder of the X-Men – from his multiple appearances in the Amalgam universe to the mystery surrounding his fate in the House of M reality.

Here are the 20 Crazy Details About Professor X’s Body!

20 His Powers Are The Reason He Is Bald

The fact that Charles Xavier is bald is one of the reasons why fans thought that Patrick Stewart would be perfect for the role, should a screen adaptation of The X-Men ever be made.

It seems that James McAvoy felt the same way, as he shaved his head before filming began on X-Men: First Class, as he thought that he would be playing the role bald.

James McAvoy would eventually have to shave his head for part of X-Men: Apocalypse and will be totally bald throughout Dark Phoenix. 

Charles Xavier lost all of his hair by the time he graduated high school and never seemed too concerned about covering it up.

The cause of his baldness is actually his mutant ability, as hair loss is apparently a side effect of telepathy.

The telepathy being the cause behind his hair loss is actually part of his official profile on Marvel.com.

19 He Is One Of The Biggest Threats To The Marvel Universe

Charles Xavier is one of the most dangerous characters in the Marvel universe, due to the fact that he can shut off a person’s mind with only a thought.

We can see this in the X-Men movies, as Magneto almost managed to manipulate Professor X into wiping out the human race using Cerebro.

The real threat posed by Charles Xavier comes in the form of his dark side, which has manifested as a separate entity on several occasions.

The dark side of Charles Xavier once merged with part of Magneto’s consciousness and took on the form of Onslaught, which was one of the biggest threats ever posed to the Marvel heroes.

Onslaught was responsible for the demise of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four until they were revived a few years later.

18 He Can Cheat His Own Fate By Switching Bodies

It’s possible for a sufficiently powerful telepath in the Marvel universe to be able to possess the body of another person.

Jean Grey is one character who can do this, as she was able to take over the body of a wounded Emma Frost, while still maintaining her telekinetic powers.

Charles Xavier has been able to escape from dangerous situations by moving his mind into the body of another with the aid of his amazing telepathic abilities.

It was due to this possession power that he was able to escape the disintegration of his physical body at the hands of the Phoenix in the X-Men movies.

The reason why he still looks like Patrick Stewart in the other movies is that Charles Xavier had a comatose twin brother, named P. Xavier, which gave him a spare body that he could use as a backup plan.

17 He Can Give His Powers To Other People

One of the biggest flaws of Charles Xavier is that he has no problem manipulating his students in order to get what he wants, even in situations where telling the truth would have accomplished the same goal.

One of the earliest examples of Charles Xavier deceiving his students happened when he discovered that an alien race known as the Z’Nox were going to use their planet (which they could pilot like a ship) to destroy Earth.

Charles Xavier went into hiding in order to prepare for the Z’Nox, but rather than just being honest with his students, he used a decoy.

The person impersonating Charles Xavier was a shapeshifter, named Changeling, who was a foe of the team. When Changeling discovered that he had a terminal illness, he sought out Charles Xavier in order to make peace.

Xavier convinced Changeling to take his place as the leader of the X-Men and even managed to give him some of his telepathic abilities, in order to keep the ruse going.

16 He Was Once A Skilled Martial Artist

One of the reasons why Charles Xavier created the X-Men was so that they could undertake missions for the betterment of mutantkind that he could not, due to his disability.

There have been times when Charles Xavier had the use of his legs restored and he would accompany the X-Men on missions, though these didn’t last for long, as he is too powerful to maintain any drama in the story.

In the period of time before Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs, he was an amazing martial artist and had spent time in Asia honing his body.

We were given the chance to see him in action in Uncanny X-Men #321, as he fought alongside Magneto in a barroom brawl, where the two of them beat up a group of fourteen sailors.

15 He Briefly Held The Phoenix Force

Charles Xavier is in love with the Empress Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire. The fact that she was ruling an intergalactic empire while he was acting as the mentor to the X-Men meant that the two were often separated by an entire galaxy.

There were times when Charles Xavier lived among the Shi’ar Empire, most notably during the period after he possessed a new body for the first time.

In the pages of X-Men: Spotlight on… Starjammers, Deathbird managed to steal a piece of the Phoenix Force.

Charles Xavier was given this piece of the Phoenix Force, which temporarily transformed him into the new Phoenix. Corsair named him the “Bald Phoenix” during this period of time.

14 He Has Repeatedly Regained & Lost The Use Of His Legs

Charles Xavier first lost the use of his legs when battling the alien menace known as Lucifer.

The fact that he is physically disabled is one of the most well-known aspects of the character, yet there have been several periods of time where he regained the ability to walk, only to lose it again.

When Professor Xavier was infected with a Brood egg, the Starjammers created a clone body for him to inhabit, which restored his ability to walk. The Shadow King would go on to shatter Xavier’s spine, leaving him unable to walk once more.

Charles Xavier briefly regained the ability to walk after being infected with the Techno-Organic Virus, but this turned out to be temporary.

The mutant known as Xorn used his healing powers to restore Xavier’s ability to walk. Xorn was later revealed to be Magneto, who removed Xavier’s ability to walk.

13 He Once Held The Power Of The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is one of the most physically powerful characters in the Marvel universe. The Juggernaut is impervious to almost all forms of damage and has a strength that can rival that of the Hulk, depending on the writer.

The Juggernaut is also Cain Marko – the step-brother of Charles Xavier who also happens to despise him. This enmity has brought the Juggernaut into conflict with the X-Men on several occasions.

In the thirteenth issue of What If… there is a story where Charles Xavier took on the mantle of the Juggernaut, which turned him into one of the most powerful beings in the world, as he still retained his telepathic abilities.

It took an alliance of heroes and villains to defeat the Juggernaut version of Charles Xavier, as he had grown too powerful.

They did this by luring him to Asteroid M and firing him out into space, where he was left to float in the endless void.

12 He Battled His Twin Sister While They Were Still In The Womb

There is no denying that some of the X-Men comic books have included incredibly weird storylines. The X-Men comic books are essentially soap operas for nerds, yet no soap opera ever tried the long-lost sibling twist that happened to Charles Xavier.

When Charles Xavier was still in the womb, a creature from the Astral Plane copied his DNA and transformed itself into his twin sister.

The fetus version of Charles Xavier managed to tap into the mutant abilities that he would gain as a teenager and caused the twin to be stillborn.

The evil twin of Charles Xavier grew within the walls of a sewer and eventually became strong enough to challenge the X-Men.

Charles’ sister took on the name Cassandra Nova and she would go on to become one of the X-Men’s most feared villains, to the point where she committed mass-genocide on the nation of Genosha.

11 His Powers Were Once Caused By The Atom Bomb

The question of what exactly causes mutation in humans is something that has been brought up many times in the X-Men comic books, with characters like Mister Sinister dedicating their lives to the cause of understanding the unique genetics of the mutant race.

In the very first issue of Uncanny X-Men, Charles Xavier told Jean Grey that the cause of mutation was radiation.

When Charles Xavier was introducing Jean Grey to the other members of the X-Men, he said that his parents worked on the first atomic bomb and this was why he was a mutant.

Charles Xavier also believed that he was the first mutant in existence, although this would be contradicted in later stories, as he had encountered other mutants (like Magneto and the Shadow King) who were older than him before he formed the X-Men.

10 He Appeared Twice In The Amalgam Universe

In 1996, DC and Marvel released a joint project known as Amalgam Comics, which fused together characters from both of their comic book franchises.

This new series featured characters like Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine), Iron Lantern (Iron Man and Green Lantern), and White Witch (Scarlet Witch and Zatanna.)

Professor Xavier was one of the few characters who had two representatives in the Amalgam universe.

The first was Doctor Strangefate, who was a mixture of Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange, except that it was Charles Xavier who possessed the power of both characters.

The second version of Charles Xavier in the Amalgam universe was Mister X, who was a mixture of Martian Manhunter and Professor X. Mister X was the leader of the JLX, which was a mixture of the Justice League and the X-Men.

9 He Was A Fighting Game Character

The X-Men have appeared in several fighting games over the years, most notably in ones developed by Capcom.

There was a series of X-Men fighting games released on the original PlayStation, which was tie-ins for the first X-Men movie. These were known as the X-Men: Mutant Academy games.

In X-Men: Mutant Academy 2, it was possible to unlock Charles Xavier as a playable character.

This version of Professor X was still wheelchair-bound, making him one of the few physically disabled people to ever appear as a character in a fighting game.

Charles Xavier is one of the best characters in Mutant Academy 2, due to the high priority and speed of his forward punches, which make him very difficult to approach.

Professor X also has some incredibly powerful special moves based on his telepathy, which are almost impossible to dodge.

8 The Crew Of The Enterprise Thought He Looked Like Captain Picard (Before He Did)

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men crossover novel Planet XDr. Crusher builds a hologram of Charles Xavier that is based on Archangel’s description of him.

Dr. Crusher thinks to herself that Charles Xavier looks a great deal like Captain Picard. 

You might think that this line is a reference to the fact that Captain Picard and Charles Xavier were both played by Patrick Stewart, but Planet X was released in 1998, which was before filming had started on X-Men.

Patrick Stewart had always been the number one choice among the fans of the X-Men to play Charles Xavier, so the reference in Planet X was likely a shout out to the rampant speculation that Patrick Stewart would one day take on the role of Professor X.

7 His Design Was Based On Yul Brynner

The X-Men have always acted as a metaphor for different oppressed groups in society, with the struggle of mutantkind originally mirroring the political issues relating to race in the ’60s.

In recent years, the X-Men have acted as a metaphor for the struggle for acceptance and recognition of different sexualities across the world.

The character of Charles Xavier was influenced by Martin Luther King Jr. as the struggle of mutankind moved from battling supervillains and into the political arena, before becoming part of the Marvel universe as a whole.

The physical appearance of Charles Xavier was based on Academy Award-winning actor Yul Brynner.

This is partly due to the fact that Yul Brynner had a shaved head throughout most of his career, which is something he did when appearing in The King and I and which he maintained throughout the remainder of his career.

6 He Once Created A Plan To Defeat Himself

The X-Men is a team composed of some of the most powerful mutants in existence, with characters like Iceman and Storm being recognized as threats on a worldwide scale, should they ever become evil.

The majority of the members of the X-Men were taught by Charles Xavier at some point, which means that he feels partially responsible for their actions.

It’s for this reason that he created the Xavier Protocols, which is a set of designs and strategies that are meant to take down each member of the X-Men.

Charles Xavier also recognized that he may one day pose a threat to the world at large, so he designed a suit of anti-psionic armor that could be used to defeat him.

Whoever wore this armor would be immune to Charles Xavier’s powers and would be able to get close enough to him to finish the job.

5 He Was Once The Protector Of The Mind Stone

The Infinity Stones are one of the most important aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Avengers: Infinity War dealing with the terrible consequences of an evil being gathering the Infinity Stones and combining their powers.

In the Illuminati miniseries, it was revealed that a group of the most powerful Marvel heroes had been working together in secret. This group consisted of Black Bolt, Charles Xavier, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Namor, and Mister Fantastic.

The Illuminati had managed to gather the Infinity Stones and attempted to wish them out of existence, which proved to be impossible.

Each of the six members of the group was chosen to act as the protector of one of the Infinity Stones, with Charles Xavier given the Mind Stone, which may be due to the fact that his powerful telepathic abilities meant that he would less be tempted to use the powers of the gem.

4 He Once Made A Substance Out Of Wolverine’s Blood

The Ultimate X-Men series takes place in a separate reality from the main Marvel comics, which was originally designed to more closely follow the popular X-Men movies and be free of the decades of continuity that had bogged down the other X-Men comics.

In the Ultimate X-Men universe, Charles Xavier was up to some real crazy stuff in the past.

This version of Charles Xavier was responsible for synthesizing a substance from Wolverine’s blood, which was called “Banshee” on the street.

Banshee could give superpowers to regular people, while also increasing the potency of mutant powers.

Charles Xavier first created Banshee in the Savage Land, where it gave him powers that were similar to that of Wolverine, which included his own set of claws.

3 He Was A Member Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Apocalypse may be a genocidal maniac, but he always sticks to his theme.

It’s for this reason that he has transformed many different individuals into his Four Horsemen, who act as his personal heralds and deal with those who try to interfere in his plans.

In the X-Men: Evolution cartoon series, Charles Xavier was transformed into the Horseman of Death, with Magneto, Mystique, and Storm taking the other three spots.

When Charles Xavier was transformed into a Horseman, he regained the use of his legs (again) and his psychic powered received a massive boost, to the point where he could create weapons made of pure psionic energy.

2 The Zombie Version Of Xavier Used Cerebro To Hunt The Human Race

The human race of The Walking Dead has managed to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they never had to contend with walkers that possessed superpowers.

In the Marvel Zombies series, most of the heroes and villains were infected with a zombie virus that transformed them into the intelligent zombies.

It didn’t take long for all resistance to be destroyed and for mankind to be devoured by zombies.

It turns out that the zombie version of Charles Xavier was partly responsible for the downfall of humanity.

The zombie Avengers wired his brain into Cerebro and used his powers to track down every remaining human being on the planet so that the zombies could continue their feast.

1 The Mystery Of Xavier’s Body In The House Of M Reality

The House of M miniseries was the result of Scarlet Witch creating a new reality, where Magneto was the ruler of the world and all of the heroes and villains were given their heart’s desires.

This world started to fall apart as time went on, with more and more characters regaining their memories of the previous reality.

Those who regained their memories traveled to Genosha in order to find Charles Xavier. Cloak managed to find a monument to Charles Xavier, yet when he used his powers to phase into the ground, he found no body. This suggested that Charles Xavier was still alive.

It was later revealed in Civil War: House of M that Charles Xavier had been assassinated years earlier by Bucky Barnes.

This means that the reveal of the Xavier memorial not actually having a body inside of it (when everyone expected there to be one) made no sense, as we saw his demise and there was no reason why his corpse shouldn’t have been there.

Are there any other crazy facts about Professor X’s body? Sound off in the comments!

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