20 Movie Villains Reimagined As Charming Parents

Some of history’s greatest movie villains also happen to be parents– for example, Darth Vader, Jack Torrance, and The Green Goblin.

Parents being evil has become a popular dramatic theme for the hero’s journey, as nothing is quite as scary as fulfilling your destiny, only to be foiled by the very person who raised you– or, in Luke Skywalker’s case, realizing that you inherit your powerful abilities from a galactic oppressor.

Most recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continued the tradition of dastardly parental figures with Thanos, the adoptive father of Gamora and Nebula, who is forced to make a chilling sacrifice to gain control over the entire universe.

Thanos has joined the pantheon at the very top of Marvel’s list of terrible movie dads, which also includes Odin, Howard Stark, and Ego the Living Planet.

Some fan artists have used their creativity to bring their wishful daydreams and twisted fantasies to life, either imagining childless villains with newfound bundles of joy or reimagining their favorite evil parents as loving role models.

Although a child is a huge responsibility, as Norman Osborn will tell you, becoming a parent doesn’t necessarily mean leaving behind a life of crime. Children could even grow up to become valuable partners or eventually take over the villainous mantle.

With that said, here are 20 Movie Villains Reimagined as Charming Parents.

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