20 Surprising Celeb Couples From The 2000s Everyone Forgot About

The 2000s was a decade full of A-lister celebrity pairings that have long since been forgotten. The love lives of celebrities is one of those things that we all like to pretend we don’t care about, but we secretly can’t help but to find ourselves wanting to know who is dating and who broke up. Not unlike when two of our longtime friends get together, there is a certain rush that comes with two celebrities we are familiar with getting into a relationship together– and the more unlikely the pairing is, the more fascinating we find it.

A lot of celebrity relationships begin in the most obvious way possible– two people worked together and eventually found out that they had a mutual spark that went beyond their movie, TV show, album, etc. Even when things don’t happen that way, it’s really not all that surprising that famous people mostly date other famous people, as that is who they tend to spend the most time around. There’s also the not-insignificant little detail of famous people generally being more attractive than us civilians, and it only makes sense that super attractive people gravitate toward other super attractive people.

Ultimately, though, there isn’t always a rhyme or reason to what makes two people fall in love with each other. People can control who they are attracted to about as well as meteorologists can control the weather. When a celebrity pairing occurs that either doesn’t make obvious sense to us or seems to involve two people of disparate worlds coming together, we can’t help being interested.

Here are 20 Surprising Couples From The 2000s Everyone Forgot About.

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