20 Things That Make No Sense About The Predator

In 1987, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action-horror movie came out that became a huge hit. That movie was Predator and it spawned one sequel, two crossover movies with the Alien franchise, a line of comic books, and then two more sequels over 20 years after the first movie hit theaters. However, outside of the first original movie, none of the following movies were met with critical praise and most of them also had a number of complaints from fans as well. While this is true with any franchise, with Predator, the love of the monster was so great that the movies kept coming.

However, as beloved as the first Predator movie was, it was not without its problems. The movie was, at the end of the day, not meant to create a monster that would become a huge horror icon. It was an Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, pure and simple. While the problems existed, none of them really lowered the enjoyment factor. However, as the sequels mounted, the problems started to become cumbersome and hampered the movie from ever achieving the greatness of the original film.

From a lack of continuity throughout the six movies in the series to the questionable portrayal of the Predators themselves and bad decisions concerning main characters, here are the 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Predator.


The Predator came to Earth to hunt. The entire purpose of the Predator hunting is to find creatures that make good rivals and then systematically hunt them down for sport. When it arrived, the first people who it took out were the CIA special ops team, which was sent in to save some hostages that were held by insurgents in Central America.

However, the insurgents who had weapons and seemed like really bad guys were there the entire time with the hostages before Dutch and company showed up to try to save them, but the Predator never once even tried to take out any of them.

Of course, this allowed Dutch and his men to go on a rampage against the insurgents, but why did the Predator completely ignore these heavily armed men for so long?


If there is one thing that the movies have made clear, it is the fact that the Predator is a specialized hunter that enjoys hunting other species for sport. They have tons of experience hunting and traveling across the galaxy looking for their next game. With so much experience, they are known as some of the best hunters to ever exist.

With that said, when the Predator attacked someone in the first movie, it made a clicking sound. If a Predator is a master hunter, why would it give so much warning when it is attacking? With that in mind, later in the first movie, the Predator lifts Dutch from behind, slams him into a tree, and walks off. It seems like this Predator was less of an experienced hunter and more of a sloppy slasher horror movie villain.


The armor that the Predator wears is extremely high-tech. One of the gadgets allows the Predator to basically camouflage itself. This is shown pretty well in all of the movies – the Predator stands by some trees and blends in with the foliage much as a chameleon would.

However, this is camouflage and the Predator is not invisible. This means that the moment in the first movie, when the Predator goes close to Dutch and sets a trap, makes no sense at all. The Predator is only camouflaged, so when it walked up next to a trained CIA special ops soldier and then set a trap right next to him, Dutch should have been able to see it.


The Predator has a giant canon weapon. The thing blew a blast so powerful that it ripped a hole in the chest of Jesse “The Body” Ventura. The weapon then blew the arm off of Carl Weathers. Not only that, but the force of the weapon was so powerful, that when Weather’s arm fell to the ground, it continued to fire his weapon in rapid-fire shots, even when the finger slipped right off the trigger.

However, the most ridiculous moment happened when the Predator fired at Dutch, hit him, and the same weapon that dismembered his team left him with a flesh wound.

Of course, there is the argument that the blast hit Dutch’s weapon and not him, but something that powerful should have done more than leave a small cut.


Possibly the coolest moment in the first Predator movie happened when Dutch somehow realized that the Predator could only see its targets by reading the heat coming off of their bodies. So, Dutch was smart and decided to cover his entire body in mud. When the Predator passed by him, Dutch actually said out loud that it couldn’t see him so that the audience would understand what was going on.

However, this scene didn’t make much sense. For one, Dutch had his eyes open and was watching the Predator walk by, so there should have been some heat coming from his eyes. Secondly, there is still a normal human being under the mud, so there would still be a change in the heat signature compared to what was around him. Though the scene was cool, it made no sense.


There is some interesting information about the Predators’ century-long hunt for Xenomorphs, which played out in the two Alien vs. Predator movies. The blood of the Predators actually neutralizes the acidity of the blood of the Xenomorphs. It was through the novels and the comics that this information was revealed. This explanation is interesting, as it reveals something from the first Alien vs. Predator movie that made no sense.

In the movie, a Predator took the blood from a Xenomorph and marked itself with it. The blood did not eat through its body as it should have, which meant that something about the Predator’s own physiology stopped it. While the books explained that this should cause a reaction, the movie chose to ignore this.


As we see in the Alien vs. Predator movies, the Predators have been hunting the Aliens for years.

If the hunting has been going on for centuries, as the story reveals, then it seems ridiculous that the Predators in the movies are so ill-prepared to battle the Xenomorphs.

It is clear that the blood of a Xenomorph is acidic and can melt through just about anything. It is even shown in the first movie when the blood of a Xenomorph dissolves the wrist blades of the Predator that is hunting it. Though these are teenage Predators on an initiation hunt, shouldn’t they have been prepped and trained by experienced hunters? In the comics, their weapons and armor are acid-proof, but this doesn’t seem to be the case in the movie.


In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, there is a moment that completely betrays the entire premise of the Predator as a hunter. Everything that led to this, as well as the movies that followed, showed that the Predator has a distinctive honor code. The Predator will not attack someone who is unarmed and not given a sporting chance of survival.

Remember in Predator 2 when the little boy had a toy pistol? The Predator let him live. In the first movie, Dutch mentioned that the Predator would not attack anyone without a weapon to defend themselves. In The Predator, the alien even gave his targets a head start. However, in Requiem, the Predator shoots someone in the head from 200 meters away without giving the target any warning that it was even there.


Most of the movies concerning the Predators have shown that they possess an arsenal of impressive weapons and gadgets. They have space crafts that have cloaking devices, armor that can camouflage them, and gadgets that can translate languages. They also have been genetically testing their own species using the DNA of superior species that they have hunted.

However, in Predators, the hunted have all been abducted and dropped onto a foreign planet that is used as a game reserve where the humans are pitted against the Predators in a battle to the finish. However, in this movie, the Predators are all shown as being primitive beings. Either they are very young Predators with no previous knowledge of how to hunt, or the movie just doesn’t understand the superior beings that they really are.


There is a huge problem in both Predator and the third movie, Predators. In the first movie, the elite mercs were dropped into a Central American jungle with the ammo they had on their persons. In the third movie, the group of soldiers was dropped onto an alien planet with only the weapons they had on hand at their disposal.

Now, look at the battles in both movies. In the first one, they opened fire on the insurgents and went on a two-minute shooting spree. Later, when the Predator was hunting them, they fired relentlessly into the trees without stopping. The same thing happened on the alien planet and they never ran out of ammunition. There were no backup supplies and they had nowhere to go to reload, yet never stopped shooting.


This year’s The Predator created almost more questions than the last five movies added together. Much of the problems came from the reshoots that took place, which changed major parts of the film’s plot, causing it to feel disjointed and leaving way too many plot holes.

However, one thing that really made no sense about The Predator was the scene when McKenna finds the Predator mask and cloaking tech.

McKenna mails the mask back to his own post office box, but it gets delivered to his son before he can even arrive back in the United States. McKenna then swallows the cloaking tech so that the government can’t obtain it. However, it doesn’t really make much sense to swallow a piece of high-tech equipment when he could’ve used it himself.


When the good Predator arrived on Earth, he was there obviously to help humans. His species were using DNA from every other species that they hunted in order to genetically engineer more savage creatures. The good Predator wanted to help the people of Earth by bringing them a special weapon to aid in their battle.

With that said, the minute that the Predator’s ship arrived, he began to slaughter humans. He took out so many humans that when he was finally taken down and captured, he looked nothing like a savior. Then, he escaped and started taking down more humans. This was supposed to be a good Predator, but it eliminated more humans than the bad one. Also, if it was here to help and the big wigs knew it, why did they try to sedate him only to anger him further?


Now, the answer to this question involves reshoots and the fact that entire portions of the script were changed. There is a point in The Predator when the Loonies are on the run from the bad guys in the government. These government ops are just there to find out everything that they can to capture and maybe eliminate the Predator, and also perhaps eliminate all of the Loonies and the good doctor to ensure that there are no witnesses.

The Loonies went on the run and then immediately drove off in an RV. Considering the fact that they just escaped from a prison bus, where did this RV come from? Sure, people can claim that they stole it, but then later, the government captured them. When they escaped and needed to get to the Predator, some of them disappeared for a few minutes and then showed up with a news helicopter — but how and where did they get it? This entire part of the movie was disjointed and made no sense.


One of the most interesting aspects of The Predator was the introduction of the Predator dogs. As someone in the movie said, what is a hunter without their dog? Much like the Predators, these dogs are horribly vicious and disgusting-looking creatures. So, when the Predator sends its pet dogs out to capture its prey, it is obvious that they are loyal to their master. However, when the Loonies try to escape, one of the Predator dogs is shot in the head.

The dog doesn’t perish, but instead suddenly becomes friends with the prey and turns on its master.

Nebraska shoots the dog point blank in the head and it not only lives, but suddenly it wants to become friends with the people who shot it. There was also a moment where they locked him in a U-Haul truck and it still joined up with them later.


One of the biggest problems with The Predator was how the movie treated Rory, the son of McKenna. To make Rory an important part of the movie, it was decided that he should have Asperger syndrome. While this was an extremely interesting idea, The Predator didn’t portray the disorder correctly, and instead made Asperger syndrome into a superpower for Rory.

The movie thus over-exaggerated everything about the condition. Individuals with Asperger’s have a negative reaction to loud noises, which was shown in the school, but the condition then mysteriously disappeared when bullets started flying. Also, when someone bullied Rory, he shot a cannon blast into the house and took the guy out before walking off like he was proud of it.


Though Casey’s character was meant to be extremely intelligent in The Predator, she also acted as a typical damsel in distress. When she did eventually start to fight back, audiences realized that she wasn’t defenceless. However, at other times, she just sat around so that the Loonies could make bad jokes and McKenna could try to save her.

However, one of the biggest problems with the movie came during its ending. The final battle started at night when the Predator attacked on Halloween. There was a moment when McKenna jumped onto the Predator’s spaceship until it crashed in the forest. When McKenna took the battle to the Predator again, Casey miraculously showed up to help. However, given where she came from, it makes no sense that she would have been able to arrive so quickly.


The final scene in The Predator was clearly added in to give fans a hint that there could be a sequel. The good Predator was coming to Earth to help the poor defenceless humans by bringing them a new specialized armor that would help them take out the bad Predators when they arrived to wage war on Earth. This battle was due to the fact that global warming was destroying the planet and the Predators wanted to get more test subjects for their DNA testing before this happened.

However, if the renegade Predator is on the run from its own people, why didn’t it wear this new armor to ensure its survival in case the bad guys showed up and started to hunt him down?

Using the armor, he could have survived the attacks by the U.S. military as well.


While The Predator‘s depiction of Asperger syndrome with Rory was extremely offensive and insensitive, Baxley’s battle with Tourette’s was something straight out of an ’80s comedy movie. Thomas Jane’s character had tic that caused him to say extremely inappropriate things — especially about Casey.

It was highly offensive. However, what made even less sense was the fact that Baxley got his Tourette’s due to his experiences in the war, and mostly because of the fact that he encountered friendly fire in Iraq. If his Tourette’s was caused by his experience during the war, why was it suddenly cured when he was back in a war — this time against a freaky alien?


One of the best moments in the movie came when the Loonies and Casey are talking about the Predator. Casey was talking originally to the scientists who wanted her to help them out with the Predator since she once wrote a letter to the government when she was six about aliens existing. He tells her that the alien creature is a Predator, but when he explains what it does, she tells him that isn’t a predator, it is a hunter.

When she meets the Loonies and McKenna, she mentions that they called it a Predator, and they say the exact same thing to her — it isn’t a predator, it is a hunter. See, a predator is something that preys on others but a Predator in the movies hunts for sport, so the names of these creatures make no sense at all considering what they are.


Dutch and his team did not want to take the mission to begin with – they were always able to pick and choose what missions they took and named their conditions. However, when it came to this mission, Dutch agreed to take his team on it despite the fact that none of his conditions were met. Part of this was due to the fact that they were on a rescue mission to save soldiers that included a friend of Dutch’s — Jim Hopper.

When Dutch and his team found Jim’s body, Dutch said that he knew it was Jim. When the dog tag was shown to him, it proved that he was right. However, when looking closely at the dog tag, it doesn’t say “Jim,” “James,” or even the initial “J.” Instead, it read: “C.E. Hooper.” In the novel that is based on the movie, it read “J.S. Davis.” It sounds like the name was changed mid-production.

Are there any other things about the Predator or the movies that make no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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