20 Weirdest Things About Jessica Jones’s Body

Most Marvel superheroes have a relatively squeaky clean image. With the exception of the Blob occasionally eating someone or Wolverine getting yanked apart, most Marvel comics are PG enough to warrant easy adaptations for a wide audience. The comics people expect to be intended for a more mature audience, from Deadpool to Punisher, typically center around a male hero. However, Alias comics offer a darker, more intense comic, with a noir theme to support one of the most deeply flawed and complex characters in Marvel history: Jessica Jones.

The most incredible thing about Jessica Jones, however, is not her swearing, the adult situations she finds herself in just to feel something, or the excessive drinking. It’s her unique body, which belongs to a woman who isn’t typically heroic by any means. She avoids heroics so adamantly, in fact, that she chooses to be a private eye instead of the clumsy superhero she once was. This means she still has the chance to employ her incredible gifts on a daily basis and help people in her own unexpected way. She’s a struggling woman attempting to make a living in a dog eat dog world, often suffering from just as many problems as she solves due to her abilities and proclivities–in short, her body.

Superhuman endurance, extreme survival skills, and masterful combat are only the tip of the iceberg, and the portrayal of Jones’s body skills as well as harmful effects of them in her Netflix TV series has garnered profuse praise.

Here are the 20 Weirdest Things About Jessica Jones’s Body.

20 She Was A Bodyguard For Matt Murdock

While the idea of Daredevil requiring muscle seems ludicrous, Matt Murdock employing well-known heroes for hire as his bodyguards makes perfect sense as a ruse. That’s exactly what he did with two of the most physically powerful mutants in New York, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. It gave the two plenty of time to discuss their one-night stand, which eventually led to their child and wedded bliss.

Both heroes seemed sheepish about their appointments but were also willing to work for an honest paycheck, even if there was little action to be found.

Jessica can always include that she was hired muscle on her resume. Murdock, despite all of his own flaws, is a decent reference.

19 She Was Attracted To Ant-Man

As weird as it sounds now that we’ve seen both Krysten Ritter and Paul Rudd in action, Jessica Jones and Ant-Man were once an item. Their dates were awkward and Scott really didn’t get Jessica the way Luke did, but her buddy Carol Danvers knew Scott and thought he’d be a great distraction. She set the two up on their first date.

The pairing did not last for long, as Jessica broke up with Scott by telling him that she was pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Luckily it ended with her informing an enthusiastic Luke, who’d remained interested in Jessica all along. Luke’s dopey grin when Jones agreed to marry him is one of the most adorable panels of all time.

18 She Had Her Mind Worked On By Jean Grey

It’s not every day that a person can say they’ve had head-to-head chats with the most powerful telepathic woman on earth.

The vessel of the Phoenix Force needed to assist Jessica in returning from one of her comas as well as healing from the trauma of the experience.

Jean implanted a psychic defense trigger in Jessica’s mind to help her resist Kilgrave should he attempt to attack again, which did occur.

Jean entered Jessica’s mind once again, informing her of the trigger and alerting her to her own control of the situation.

It’s another reminder that Jean Grey has healed many a mind in addition to, you know, consuming an entire solar system.

17 The Avengers Put Her In A Coma

The Avengers have a reputation for wrecking a city here and there while they attempt to save most of the Earth, but they’re also known for destroying some lives in the process.

Once they joined together to defeat Jessica Jones, they didn’t pull any punches. Granted, Jessica had been under the mind control of Purple Man at the time and he’d sent her on a mission to take out Daredevil, but it was the second coma that we know of that Jessica had to recover from.

After the incident, Jessica was humiliatingly monitored by S.H.I.E.L.D., which made it seem quite ironic when Maria Hill came knocking on her door for help years later.

16 She’s Captain America’s Mother

No, she’s of no relation to Steve Rogers, but in one universe Jessica Jones was indeed the mother of Captain America.

When her daughter Danielle took on the mantle of Captain America in Earth 15061, it was pretty awesome.

She said that due to her parents’ powers, which she inherited, she didn’t just throw the shield, but trulywas the shield. Sadly, it’s a universe that’s 400 years in the future and not a lasting story, but it was one of the better futuristic Avengers arcs.

See, all those years Jones spent arguing for the sake of her kid and choosing Danielle over the Defenders paid off: her little baby grew up to save the world.

15 She Was Impersonated By A Skrull

Watching Jones and Cage split during the 2006-2007 Civil War proved to be painful for many fans, but what stung worse was discovering that Jessica Jones had been a Skrull sporting her own Jewel costume during the Secret Invasion story.

Fans of the Netflix show might have caught this little Easter egg when a line about “lizard people” was dropped.

Knowing that a Jessica we believed to be real was actually one of these Illuminati-like beings was weird enough, but later, after she fought the Skrulls and returned to Luke, the lizards stole their daughter, Danielle.

Some argue that this was proof that adhering to the Superhuman Registration Act failed to protect Danielle, but is any super kid really ever safe?

14 She Can Fly, but she’s awful at it

It’s true: Jessica Jones can fly. The only problem is that the superhero is not very good at it.

Although she’s pictured sailing dreamily through the sky as Jewel, she’s also frequently depicted hurtling out of the sky in abysmal failure.

We are meant to wince as she falls not only because it’s painful to watch, but because we take other superheroes mastering their abilities for granted, without realizing how tough it is to attain superhuman skills.

Most of the time Jessica sticks to great leaps in order to get where she needs to go, and that’s often just as effective, if a little less impressive.

13 She Survived A Car Accident With A Military Vehicle

Many people know that Jessica Jones survived a car accident that kicked her entire origin story, but did you know that the accident involved a military vehicle? It makes Jessica’s survival that much more incredible.

Slamming into a high-powered armored vehicle doesn’t offer great odds of survival.

To make the scene even more dramatic, in the MCU, Jessica is depicted squabbling with her younger brother Billy, which distracts her father from paying full attention. It’s a detail that only adds to the guilt and trauma that Jones carries in her life, and frankly, something that could be considered unnecessary. There’s enough darkness and drama surrounding Jones without this harrowing addition.

12 She Battled Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision

It’s not something she likes to brag about, but Jessica once went up against Avengers Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Vision, on the orders of Purple Man. Kilgrave, originally a foe of Daredevil, ordered Jones to take out Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen, and when she sought him out she attacked the first superheroes she encountered on the way.

When she arrived at the Avengers Mansion and took on three of the most powerful Avengers, it ended as badly as you might imagine.

It’s one of those scenes where you wonder if Kilgrave really wanted Daredevil gone or just to harm Jessica since he didn’t give her very specific, more feasible orders for executing his plan.

11 She Developed An Immunity To Purple Man

Most people know about Jones’ terrible experiences at the hands of Purple Man, from his imprisonment and control of her to his use of her as his own weapon, but perhaps the most remarkable thing about her body regarding him is her immunity to his powers.

Jessica’s development of an immunity led to a much more interesting and empowering development in the MCU than in her comic arc, where Jean Grey implanted some psychic defenses.

While the immunity isn’t explained clearly, the gist of it is that Jessica, who heals fairly rapidly, developed the immunity to Kilgrave’s pheromones over time. In the show, where his powers are a virus rather than pheromones, the immunity is more believable.

10 She Has Superhuman Endurance And Is Very Resistant To Physical Injury

In addition to her incredible strength, Jones has the complementary abilities of superhuman endurance and resistance to physical injury. She is often portrayed in situations that might appear dangerous or painful for other characters without succumbing to any of them herself.

This is one of the reasons why she pairs so well with Luke Cage, whose powers, while not exactly the same, are similar to hers. It’s also probably the reason she’s still willing to track lowlifes down at night.

The additional powers explain why Jones can withstand such intense attacks in The Defenders.

Viewers can plainly see her superhuman strength, but her endurance and resistance to injury is more nuanced and doesn’t translate as well to the screen without verbal explanation.

9 She Was In A Coma

Following her family’s catastrophic accident, teen Jessica spent months in a coma. Even though she survived her recovery was long and painful, and awakening to orphan status had to have been even more traumatizing.

This earned Jessica the nickname “Coma Girl” at school, a moniker that Peter Parker recalls as clearly as she admitted to harboring a crush on him, one detail just as embarrassing as the next.

Upon awakening, Jones was also adopted by the Jones family, which is the name she uses. Prior to that, her last name had been Campbell. In the Netflix adaptation, Jones was adopted by Dorothy Walker, a talent agent and mother to Trish “Patsy” Walker, a woman who becomes Jessica’s best friend in the series.

8 Her Powers Came From Radioactive Materials

Jessica Jones has a pretty simple and straightforward origin story, which we mentioned earlier, but her powers stem from the radioactive materials she came into contact with during the accident.

Radiation is a common theme among Marvel heroes, particularly for the ones with powers that aren’t explained by a mutant gene, but Jessica’s radiation story is more tragic than most given the loss of her family.

Still, her ability to survive both the crash and the radiation poisoning point to superhuman inclinations, and many fans speculate that those who are able to withstand the poisoning may have some sort of healing factor or other latent adaptation to begin with, which would explain their ability to not just live but thrive on the exposure.

7 Her many different voices

Jessica Jones is present in several Marvel games, each time voiced by a different actress. None of them are Krysten Ritter; in Marvel Avengers Academy, teen Jones is played by Michelle Phan. She wears street clothes in the game until she’s upgraded into her Jewel costume, although we doubt she considers that a real upgrade.

Tara Strong and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn both voice Jessica in the Marvel Heroes game, while Strong alone voices her in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, a game in which her mission is to simply search for decent superhero babysitters for her daughter.

Fans can also play Jessica in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Marvel Puzzle Quest. She is most like her Netflix counterpart in games like Marvel: War of Heroes and Marvel: Future Fight.

6 She’s Known For Her Private Eye Glare (And Body Slamming Clients)

The excitement stemming from the casting of Krysten Ritter as Jones proved to be appropriate when the actress adroitly executed Jones’ trademark glare. In the comics there are entire series of panels dedicated to displaying her eye a dubious client.

She can often spot a liar or make someone come clean with that signature glare.

When you’re a P.I. you’re also bound to get into a little trouble now and then, particularly if you’re shadowing clients in the middle of cheating on their spouses. Jessica’s body comes in hand as she literally body-slams clients who get out of hand or villains who get in the way. She’s also not above using it to intimidate the average run-of-the-mill jerk she encounters in the city.

5 She Was Attracted To Spider-Man

Crushing on Peter Parker is the least of Jessica’s most embarrassing moments, but the fact that it happened in high school renders it far less cringe-worthy.

Her husband scoffs at the revelation.

Peter himself notes that he was a nerdy kid and she should’ve spoken up to ask him out because he would have said yes.

Still, it’s treated as one of her sillier notions. Knowing that the two attended high school together gives fans a better timeline regarding her accident, power development, and age.

Not only does that give us a better frame of reference for her in general but it also demonstrates just how young she was when Purple Man kidnapped and abused her.

4 It takes a lot of drinking to incapacitate her

One of the heaviest drinkers in the MCU, Jessica Jones is like Indiana Jones’s Marion: you definitely don’t want to get into any drinking competitions with her. She will drink you under the table.

While this is evident in the Alias comics, it’s even more blatant in the MCU when, on her titular show, Jessica regularly drinks in order to cope with the harsh realities of her life.

She might be a high-functioning alcoholic, but Jones is still impacted by her frequent self-medication. She sometimes oversleeps, misses calls or appointments, and suffers some general effects, like becoming more aggressive and angry while inebriated. Still, her powers give her a higher tolerance level than most people.

3 She’s A Pretty Clumsy Superhero

Ritter portrays Jessica Jones as a competent if highly flawed investigator, but it’s made fairly clear in Alias that Jones made for a pretty clumsy superhero.

It’s not like she had a Danger Room and a bunch of teachers just waiting to help her learn the ropes.

She’s been largely alone for much of her life and it shows. Panels of her learning how to use her powers illustrate how difficult it was for her, especially when it came to flight.

After abysmally failing at being a fresh-faced, purple-haired superhero due to what she deemed her own ineptitude, Jones didn’t even want to be referred to as a hero.

2 She Has Battled Depression And PTSD

The Netflix Jessica Jones series has received heaps of praise, most notably for its portrayal of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is such a special case because superheroes often seem able to walk away from fights mentally unscathed and rarely deal with any kind of mental illness on screen, and also because of Jessica’s history with the abusive and manipulative Purple Man. Given what they’ve lived through, it would be believable for any superhero to have PTSD but it’s almost never addressed.

This portrayal wasn’t only an achievement for the superhero genre but for representation of women who’ve survived abusive situations, showing the trauma from their perspective in a respectful manner.

1 She’s Highly Skilled At Hand-To-Hand Combat

Jessica’s combat skills are the street fighting variety learned on the job. Like her husband, she has no formal training, which means that she’s picked up almost everything she knows along the way.

While Jessica has worked with different teams, she hasn’t completed a lot of training out of the field. Given her invulnerability to physical harm, for the most part, she is able to experiment and use her body in ways that work best for her.

Her style of fighting could be described as, “Get out of my way.”

Some fans wondered how she could possibly take on the Hand while others wanted to know why Daredevil fought “better” than she did in The Defenders, but the answers are simple: her abilities make her able to face most opponents, but Murdock’s also had some pretty intensive training.

What other strange things have you noticed about Jessica Jones‘ body? Let us know in the comments!

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