25 Crazy Secrets Behind Gargoyles Only True Fans Know

The news that Jordan Peele had pitched a Gargoyles revival at Disney sent a wave of nostalgia across the Internet. Even twenty years later, the show remains special for a generation of ’90s kids.

The surface-level trappings of the series were hard to resist. Who doesn’t want to watch nocturnal winged monsters fighting crime? Beyond that, the universe the gargoyles inhabited was immersive and unapologetically rooted in ancient literature. The complexity of the villains puts a lot of modern TV dramas to shame. The show absolutely refused to talk down to its young audience, incorporating complex story structures and mature themes.

We have one man to thank for creating a world this textured: showrunner Greg Weisman. Much as we’d like to see the world of Gargoyles filtered through Peele’s considerable talent, the thought of Weisman not being a part of any reawakening of the franchise is unimaginable.

Scratch that, it’s very imaginable. The series was brought back without the original production team for a spin-off, The Goliath Chronicles. It was canceled after thirteen episodes.

Weisman put an unbelievable amount of thought into every aspect of the story. We know this, because since 1997, he’s been answering fan questions over at Station 8’s Gargoyles website. “Comprehensive” doesn’t even begin to describe the archive that’s built up over the years, Weisman has fielded questions on the show’s development, the characters, the mythology, and what would have happened had the show carried on.

Any past, present, and future fan of the series could spend hours combing the site, and we’ve emerged from our own deep dive with 25 Secrets Behind The Gargoyles.

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