25 Mistakes Even True Fans Missed In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox tried to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine last year, but the show’s devoted fans weren’t having any of it, and NBC saved the beloved squad just one day later. Now, the show is back with a vengeance for a new season on a new network – with the same lovable cast of characters and familiar wacky sense of humor, of course.

In the role of the President of Hollywood during James Franco’s Comedy Central roast, Bill Hader told Andy Samberg, “Looking forward to your new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Funny cops. You’re always pushing the envelope, Andy.” Plus, Jonah Hill made a nonchalant reference to “when the show gets canceled after five episodes.” No one expected it to succeed. But here we are, six years later, and it’s one of the most popular sitcoms on the air.

With any show that has a gag rate as quick as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there are going to be some plot holes and inconsistencies that pop up. If laughter is valued over continuity, then what you’ll end up with is a show that is a lot of fun to watch, but contains a lot of errors. Plus, there are a ton of writers all writing their own episodes, and they can’t consult each other on every small detail of every joke. So, we can’t necessarily scrutinize a sitcom over tiny details, because it’s not really fair. But we’re going to do it anyway.

Here are 25 Mistakes Even True Fans Missed In Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

25 Is “dirtbag” a compliment or an insult?

In a season 1 flashback, Holt calls the Freestyle Killer a “dirtbag,” but in a season 5 episode, he says, “A dirtbag is a very useful part of the vacuum cleaner – clearly, it’s a compliment.” So, is it a compliment or an insult?

One theory is that the younger Holt who called the Freestyle Killer a “dirtbag” was less mature than the older Holt we see today. Plus, Kevin expresses the same views about the word “dirtbag,” so it could be that Holt has changed a lot since having Kevin in his life.

24 Did Jake forget about the Pontiac Bandit?

One of the greatest parts of being a cop would be finding out who your arch nemesis is and dedicating your life to pursuing them with a vendetta – someone like “the Greek” from The Wire or “the Wet Bandits” from Home Alone. At least that’s how Jake Peralta sees it.

In one episode, Jake mentions his disappointment over never having an enemy with a cool bad guy name. however, in literally the very next episode, he is shown to have been hunting someone called “the Pontiac Bandit” for eight years.

23 Boyle’s divorce settles keeps changing

Charles Boyle must’ve had the worst divorce lawyer in the world, because his divorce settlement seems to change as the series goes on. In season 1, he admits that his ex-wife pays him alimony. However, in season 3, he says he has to pay his ex-wife 85% of his salary. How does that figure?

Has the divorce settlement changed over two years after it was decided on and set in stone? Or did the writers just forget that it was Charles who received alimony and not the other way around?

22 Does Holt enjoy food or not?

When Boyle is teaching Holt how to cook, Holt says that if he could, he would only eat bland protein bars containing all the nutrients his body needs for the rest of his life, because he doesn’t enjoy the taste or texture or experience of food.

However, he is later shown reading Boyle’s food blog, because he reviews mouth-feel. He specifically reads Boyle’s blog to find out how certain foods will feel in his mouth, showing a clear interest in the joys of food. So, which is it? Does he enjoy food or not?

21 Amy’s Halloween heist plan was a little too convenient

In the third Halloween episode, part of Amy’s plan to beat Holt involved putting a witch in the break room. But this all hinged on the break room being the next place Holt went to after sneaking through a window to steal the crown from the locker.

How did she know that’s where he’d go and not back through the window he came in, or somewhere else entirely? Why the break room specifically? It’s all a little too convenient. The Halloween heist episodes are usually very tightly plotted, but this is pretty lazy.

20 Charles needs to brush up on his zoology

“Peacocking” is a technique employed by some men to pick up women. They dress or act really outlandishly in order to attract attention. The technique doesn’t usually work, yet it has cropped up in a few TV comedies, including Parks and Recreation.

In an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Charles calls a woman “Mrs. Peacock” before explaining, “Male peacocks are the colorful dressers.” But he doesn’t need to specify “male peacocks,” because all peacocks are male. They’re the male peafowls. Female peafowls are called peahens. So, Charles needs to brush up on his zoology.

19 What is Holt’s tell?

In a season 1 episode, Jake says Holt’s tell is the way the corners of his mouth move. However, in a later episode, he says he has no idea what Holt’s tell is. He spends the whole episode, as they go undercover in a casino, trying to figure out what it is, despite having previously told us he does know what it is.

At the end of that episode, Holt explains that his tell is his use of contractions, such as “it’s,” and “that’s.” So, what is it, really? His tell changed! Did Jake just forget and Holt changed his tell or is this a plot hole?

18 Who has the highest arrest rate in the precinct?

We’ve had a few conflicting pieces of information about this. Early in the series, Jake brags about having the most arrests of any detective in the precinct. However, when the precinct is about to be shut down, Hitchcock claims to have the most arrests. But then in the self-evaluation, Hitchcock, and Scully mention that they have a combined total of fourteen arrests.

Now, it’s possible that in some of these cases, the characters were talking about the year’s total and not the overall total. But still, there’s a lot of conflicting ideas about this.

17 Holt orders his medals all wrong

If you pay close attention to the medals on Captain Holt’s breast pocket, you’ll notice a World Trade Center breast bar. These were handed to any officer who was on duty or responded on September 11, 2001, during the 9/11 attacks.

However, when he receives a Commendation breast bar, he wears that above the WTC bar. Etiquette dictates that the WTC bar be worn above all other medals, except for the American flag. It’s a little thing, but it is important. It’s something that a consultant somewhere should’ve picked up on mid-production.

16 Is it Thanksgiving or Turkey Day, Boyle?

In season 2’s “Lockdown,” Boyle spends an entire episode correcting people who use the term “Thanksgiving,” telling them instead to call it “Turkey Day.” The joke here is that people who are mega enthusiastic about holidays call it Turkey Day, and it’s really annoying.

Plus, foodies call it that, because they focus on it as a great day for food. We know that both of these terms aptly describe Charles Boyle. However, in later episodes, Boyle can be heard calling the holiday Thanksgiving. He was so aggressive about calling it Turkey Day before.

15 What is Holt’s stance on lying?

When Hitchcock told Holt he’d missed Scully’s birthday, which was “a big one,” Holt lies and says he was in Ecuador. However, when he misses Gina’s dance, he decides not to lie and tells her the truth about why he wasn’t there.

For someone who holds his principles so firmly, even if it makes for a socially awkward situation, why would Holt not have a firmer policy on lying, one of the greatest moral debates of the human condition? Maybe he lies to people he doesn’t respect, like Hitchcock, and only tells the truth to people he respects, like Gina.

14 No one in the Nine-Nine can spell “sergeant”

The season 2 episode “USPIS” is the one with guest star Ed Helms playing a postal worker named Jack Danger who, in Jake’s opinion, does not live up to his badass name. In fact, he couldn’t be further from living up to it. He’s the opposite of what Jake would expect from someone named Jack Danger.

On the extensions list seen in this episode, the word “sergeant” is misspelled as “sargent.” This is a title held by Terry and now Amy. Plus, with grammar nuts like Holt and Amy in the precinct, how has no one noticed this mistake and corrected the spelling?

13 How many times can Jake and Charles drive down the same street?

In the episode “The Night Shift,” the same footage is used on the green screen in three scenes in which Jake and Charles are in moving cars. It is especially obvious in a couple of Charles’ close-ups, in which the same cab can be seen undertaking them twice.

How many times can Jake and Charles drive down the same street? And how often are all the same cars going to be around them? This one only sticks out when you start paying attention to the backdrops, but once you notice it, it’s hard to ignore it.

12 Jake can grow a mustache after all

Jake mentions, not once, but twice that he can’t grow a mustache. This is a common sitcom trope – Marshall Eriksen laments the fact that he can’t grow a mustache. But then in season 5, when Jake went to jail, he’d grown a full, thick mustache and beard.

This might have been a sign of his maturity, as he had also impressed Amy by getting into Philip Roth while he was in the slammer. So, perhaps the joke is that once Jake stopped being so goofy and started reading and grew up, suddenly he was able to grow facial hair.

11 Does Holt accept Christmas presents?

Any sitcom that goes on for more than one season is going to have a couple of Christmas episodes. Every year, we enjoy the Christmas season, and every year, every sitcom on the air has somewhere in the region of twenty-four half-hour episodes to fill. So, naturally, the characters are going to celebrate Christmas at some point.

Raymond Holt’s Christmas traditions are left somewhat inconsistent in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, though. In one episode, it’s mentioned that Holt never accepts Christmas gifts. However, in a later episode, it’s mentioned that the whole precinct did a Secret Santa and Holt received a gift.

10 Jake doesn’t know how to put on a bulletproof vest

As wacky as the antics of the Nine-Nine’s officers are, there are, for the most part, capable officers of the law. Whenever a situation requires them to stop making fun of each other and start taking things seriously, they do it. But Jake made one egregious mistake.

When he’s putting on his bulletproof vest in the pilot episode, he puts his head through the armhole. Come on. Jake may be a goofball, but he’s a good cop and this would’ve been covered in training – like, on the first day of training.

9 Holt lied about the TV in his bedroom

In one episode, Holt says, “I know they say it’s not good to have a TV in the bedroom, which is why I don’t.” However, when the squad comes over to Holt’s house for a party in another episode, Amy can be seen channel-hopping on a TV in his bedroom.

What else has Holt been lying about to avoid looking like a regular schlub? Maybe he changed his mind about the TV, or Kevin wanted one and he had to relent – but he still tells people he doesn’t have one, because that’s how he would have it if he could.

8 Did Kevin’s parents have a sudden change of heart?

Raymond Holt is one of TV’s finest gay icons. He made his way through the ranks of NYPD as a gay black man who was given no special treatment or opportunities, and with hard work and determination, he has become the captain of his own precinct. However, one part of the homophobia he’s suffered is inconsistent.

Kevin’s parents are said to be massive homophobes who refuse to even speak to Holt, because they disagree with their son’s orientation that much. But in a later episode, they’re said to be coming to Kevin and Holt’s house for Thanksgiving. Did they quickly change their minds? Are they going out of spite?

7 Jake and Amy drive Terry’s van in park

The episode “Moo Moo” raises a lot of important questions about racial profiling and police brutality. Despite its diverse cast of characters and the liberal bent on most of its humor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine rarely gets political, and so it was significant when the show broke its format to discuss a very real national issue.

However, there is also one glaring error in the scene in which Jake and Amy are driving Terry’s kids around in his van. In all of the interior shots, the gear shift is seen in the park. As great as the episode itself is, this mistake is pretty annoying.

6 What is Jake’s relationship with Blockbuster?

Does Jake know about the demise of Blockbuster Video or not? In an early episode of the series, Jake mentions to Terry that Blockbuster is gone, thanks to the rise of streaming services like Netflix, and they’ll have to just let it go, because it’s not coming back.

However, in a season 3 episode, he inherits a million Blockbuster shares from a deceased relative and is dismayed to discover that Blockbuster is over, because he still has a Blockbuster card and thought their business was booming. He yells out, “What happened to Blockbuster?!”

5 What is Holt’s policy on sarcasm?

Holt chastises Bob Annderson for using sarcasm: “Betraying the FBI is one thing, but sarcasm, Bob? Wow.” However, in many episodes, Holt has used sarcasm himself. For example, when he’s in an alley with Jake, Jake says, “I think this is where Batman’s parents got killed,” and Holt sarcastically says, “I’ll take your word for it.”

There’s no way a strict police captain who often uses sarcasm would choose to reprimand someone for using sarcasm over exploiting his federal law enforcement position. How can he say sarcasm is worse than betraying the FBI? In that case, he should just hand in his badge and gun now.

4 Jake, Rosa, and Holt were given an Air Force medal

In a recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake, Rosa, and Holt are all awarded a medal for their service to the public. However, the medal they received is not a police award, but rather a U.S. Air Force Good Conduct Medal attached to a long blue ribbon.

This medal is only awarded to people who have exhibited good conduct during three consecutive years of service they’ve been enlisted in the Air Force. It is never awarded to police officers. Okay, this sort of thing isn’t that important in a sitcom, but they do have consultants and it does help to create a sense of verisimilitude.

3 Does Coach have a doppelganger in the B99/New Girl universe?

Damon Wayans, Jr. played both Coach in New Girl and Jake’s old partner in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was fine until Fox decided to do a crossover episode and establish that both shows take place in the same universe. So, are there two people who look exactly the same in this universe?

He isn’t the only one with an uncanny doppelganger in this universe. Nasim Pedrad played Winston’s wife in New Girl and Jake’s half-sister in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And Oscar Nunez (best known as Oscar in The Office) has played roles in both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, too.

2 How long was Jake undercover for?

At the end of season 1, Jake Peralta is fired from the NYPD. But it turns out to all be a ruse to get a mob family to trust him. Jake spends the time between seasons 1 and 2 undercover with this family and is brought back to his regular life when the cops take down the family in the season 2 premiere.

At the time, it’s mentioned that he was undercover for six months. However, after Adrian Pimento showed up, and he’d been undercover for years, there was a running joke made out of Jake only having gone undercover for 63 days, which is about two months. How long was he actually undercover for?

1 Holt ‘corrected’ Amy’s already-correct grammar incorrectly

Holt enjoys correcting people’s grammar. It’s one of the few vices he allows himself. In one episode, when Amy tells Holt, “Believe me, no one is more disappointed in me than me,” he corrects her. He says that instead, she should’ve said, “No one is more disappointed in me than I.”

But this is incorrect – Amy was right the first time. This is Raymond Holt, the king of grammar. He becomes irate at even the slightest misuse of the English language. How did he get anything at all grammar-related wrong?

Did you notice any of these mistakes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Let us know in the comments!

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