25 Things About Arrow That Make No Sense

First airing in the fall of 2012 on The CW, Arrow quickly became a phenomena and made the character of Green Arrow more popular in the mainstream than he had ever been before. The tale of Oliver Queen and his efforts to save his city from corruption after he spent five years in exile proved exceptionally suited to the standard CW drama format, mixing Hollywood caliber action sequences with a level of romance that has inspired one of the most fanatical fanbases in existence.

Arrow‘s success led to the establishment of a shared continuity, with new superhero shows like The Flash, Vixen, and Legends of Tomorrow spinning off from the series.  The CW shows eventually came to tie-in to DC Comics inspired shows on other networks, such as Supergirl and Constantine. Although this multiverse was called by many names, one name rose above all others, given that Arrow was where it all began – The Arrowverse.

Still, after six years and over 100 episodes, any tightly-plotted series begins to develop cracks in its foundation. With everything Arrow now ties into, it is not surprising that certain aspects of the Arrowerse and its characters have come to seem nonsensical. This ranges from minor continuity glitches to sudden shifts in character motivations that seem antithetical to everything we know about them. Then there are the events and actions that come about purely for the sake of advancing the story the writers wanted to tell.

Here now are 25 Things About Arrow That Make No Sense.

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