25 Things About Sailor Moon That Make No Sense

Since Sailor Moon made her debut in the early ’90s, she’s become an icon in the worlds of manga and animation. Her franchise now spans the original manga, anime, movies, live action television series, musicals, video games, and more.

The original series followed a reincarnated princess of the Moon Kingdom and her guardians, the Sailor Senshi, as they fought to protect the universe.

Every version of the story has kept the same broad strokes of the Sailor Senshi and Sailor Moon’s love Mamoru in tact. Sailor Moon, aka Usagi Tsukino, has remained a dramatic teenager who fights for love and justice, but is allowed to make mistakes.

More than 25 years later, and the love for the Sailor Senshi is still going strong.

They’ve seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to 2014’s Sailor Moon Crystal, which rebooted the anime with a story closer to that of the original manga. With a pair of movies for the “Dream” arc of the series on the way, there’s no shortage of Sailor Senshi in sight.

All of that love for the guardians of the solar system isn’t blind. Despite how much fans love the franchise, or maybe because of it, readers and audience members have spent decades dissecting some of the choices made.

There are quite a few things throughout the incarnations of the series that make absolutely no sense. (And no, we’re not talking about Luna being a stuffed animal in the live action series.)

We’ve narrowed down some of the worst offenders with these 25 Things About Sailor Moon That Make No Sense.

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