25 Things Wrong With Boruto Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Boruto is the successful sequel series to one of the most popular anime to ever exist: Naruto. As it follows the next generations of shinobi, fans get to see all the couples grow older and see their children become strong ninja themselves. Predictably, the main character of the show is Naruto’s own son, Boruto Uzumaki.

Though the show echoes a lot of themes and styles from its predecessor, it has a lot of its own, new charm. It continues on from Naruto and grows into its own conflicts, stories, and adventures. Many fans consider it to be better than Naruto, as it took the good from that show, cut out the bad, and made it a better overall experience. At least for certain there are far less infamous filler episodes.

However, just like Naruto, Boruto is not beyond reproach. It still has flaws in plot, logic, and character growth. It might be easier to overlook blemishes because of Boruto‘s increased quality, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. For example, there’s a lot of debate about Sasuke’s home life that sends fans atwitter. However, there’s more to it than just the continuation of the Sasuke/Sakura debate.

Here are the 25 Things Wrong With Boruto Everyone Chooses To Ignore.

25 The Opening Scene

Boruto begins many years before the anime, showing the terrible destruction that will plague Konoha. It also implies all this destruction happened at the hands of Kawaki, a vicious combatant. Boruto himself steps into the battle, showing immense strength and defending the shinobi.

Then the series heads back to Boruto’s youth, when he’s a rebellious with daddy issues and a lot of angst about shinobi, a far cry from his future self.

Though it’s an interesting hook, it does jar fans and mildly spoil Boruto’s character growth. Part of Naruto‘s charm was his willpower and long-term growth into leadership, responsibility, and strength. This opening scene ruins that for Boruto.

24 Sarada’s Identity Crisis

There’s an entire arc in the series centering around Sarada and her parents. Since she has never really met Sasuke, she’s unsure if she’s really his daughter and that troubles her. This is the understandable aspect of her identity crisis.

However, the less logical turn is when she starts questioning if Sakura is her mother. Sakura has raised her since birth, been with her every day, and cared for her lovingly. Even though Sasuke is a mystery, Sakura’s devotion to her should be enough to assume she’s her mother. They make look different, but thinking Karin birthed her or Sakura would care for Karin’s child is ludicrous.

23 Boruto’s Overpowered Abilities

Naruto was always powerful, even though he struggled to hone that power. However, Boruto is on another level. Despite his indifference to shinobi life and the Hokage title, he is easily one of the strongest students in his class in pure talent.

At best, Boruto appreciates winning and being powerful, but his strength is growing exponentially in comparison to his father.

Not to mention, his Karma marks add an absurdly powerful, currently unpredictable element to his power levels. Naruto became a powerful Shinobi, but Boruto might be on a completely different level that it’s almost absurd.

22 Orochimaru’s Involvement

Orochimaru, the troubled mad scientist of Naruto, is one of the most problematic characters in the series. He caused the shinobi of that time much grief with his schemes and plots.

However, in Boruto, he’s just a parent coming to teacher meetings. Though Mitsuki hardly deserves exile for his father’s deeds, allowing Orochimaru as much leeway as Naruto and Sasuke do is ridiculous. Mitsuki may be a genuine, talented, kind kid, but Orochimaru is still a complex, scheming man. He shows little growth away from that part of himself. After all, he is into making clones now, and sometimes very unstable ones like Shin Uchiha.

21 Burgers

Like Naruto had ramen, Boruto has burgers. Boruto loves eating the food with his friends and can be found often cradling a burger in his hands.

It gives the young shinobi a place to hang out and something the fill them up after hard work, but there is one big question: why burgers?

Naruto‘s world is heavily based in Asian mythology. After all, every land is full of ninja running around. Ramen made sense as their food of choice. However, burgers are an inherently European creation that’s only been heavily franchised by Western culture. Boruto creators may be trying to connect with Western audiences, but burgers just don’t make sense.

20 Katasuke Encouraging Boruto’s Cheating

By Boruto, technology has greatly advanced in the 15 or so years since he Fourth Shinobi War ended. Doctors like Katasuke are even creating technology that hones ninja abilities.

Whole progress is exciting and Katasuke was desperate to get his tech tested and noticed, it was completely illogical to give it to Boruto to test in the exams. At best, Boruto wouldn’t have been caught, leaving the Kote unnoticed. At worst, it could have completely failed and seriously hurt him. Instead, the middle occured: it worked great but the cheating and misuse of the Kote got both parties in great trouble. It was an overall dumb idea for Katasuke.

19 Sumire’s Home Life

Sumire is a focal young ninja during the possession arc of Boruto. Why? Because all of the posessions and danger are looming because of her. Sumire’s parents passed after their family was ostracized from Konoha for their involvement in Danzo’s Root organization. She attempted to enact a revenge plot, but her friends stopped her.

However, beyond accepting her school life, what does Sumire have? If previous orphans are any indication, she lives alone and is depressed.

If Kabuto’s orphanage is her home, that’s frighteningly worse. Sumire’s home life isn’t talked about and isn’t a concern, though it should be. After being trained to become an agent of revenge, she deserves a good home or at least some counseling.

18 Team 10’s Leadership

The teaming up of Nara, Akimichi, and Yamanaka children is a classic shinobi combination. For generations, various heirs have paired up like this to create powerful teams. After all, together they build the powerful Ino-Shika-Cho Formation.

Another element to this team is that they are commonly lead by a member of the Sarutobi Clan to cement their bond. Consequently, the last trio was led by Asuma Sarutobi and was dubbed Team 10. However, Boruto‘s Team 10 is led by Moegi, a ninja with no connections to the Sarutobi clan. Instead, their leader should have been Konohamaru or Mirai, both strong shinobi and members of the Sarutobi clan.

17 Lack of Post-Ninja Careers

Boruto is set long after the Fourth Shinobi War, in a time of prolonged peace. Because of this, ninja have fallen out of favor and less are needed. Therefore, some of the older shinobi now have interest in finding non-ninja careers. There are complaints of there being a scarcity, however.

While it’s an understandable plight for the older shinobi, this doesn’t make sense in the world of Naruto. During the previous series, there were cooking-nin in the Land of Lightning and other similar occupations on display. It may require some travel, but there are certaintly jobs out there for non-combat ninja. Ino is a florist now, after all.

16 Sasuke and Sakura’s Marriage

Sakura pined after Sasuke for the entirety of Naruto. However, Sasuke showed little interest in her romantically. At best, she was a friend who annoyed him. Sometime between Naruto and Boruto, though, they marry and have a daughter.

Despite showing no previous interest, Sakura and Sasuke are an illogical match.

Sasuke is very private, prefers not to be touched, and stays away for long missions. Sakura prefers affection, is constantly saddened by his absence, and it fairly open with her emotions. Their personalities don’t match up well and it’s bizarre the pair would end up a “happy” couple.

15 Mitsuki’s Immeasurable Potential

Mitsuki is a very unique character, as he’s the artificially created son of Orochimaru. From Orochimaru’s genes alone, Mitsuki is understandably powerful. However, there’s an element that makes him even more complex: his conception.

Artificial humans haven’t existed before in this world. The shinobi have no clue if this will effect his powers. In theory, Mitsuki could be even more powerful because of the precision in his genetics. He could have more potential than any other shinobi has even had before. While that’s wild enough, it’s even wilder how no one seems as concerned or fascinated by his unknown, immeasurable potential.

14 Technological Development

During Naruto, technology is akin to the tech of the early 1900’s with some odd tapes and other advances mixed in. However, 15 years later, by Boruto, the technology has rapidly evolved to the point it is far more akin to the modern technology of the early 2000s’s, with sleek computers, phones, video  games, etc.

Though peace can create rapid growth, it seems quite extreme that what took about 75 years for first world countries took only 15 years in Naruto. Either Naruto should have been a little further along in tech, or Boruto should be a bit further back. Maybe huge computers and block phones, not sleek, newer tech.

13 Kabuto Running the Orphanage

Kabuto was one of the most aggressive of Orochimaru’s minions during the time of Naruto. He faithfully protected, resurrected, and destroyed for his master. He single-handedly caused a lot of pain for Konoha.

Kabuto had a change of heart during the final battles of Naruto, wanting to help save the world, not destroy it, but that hardly makes him a good person.

By Boruto, though, he’s the leader of orphanage. Giving a twisted follower of a mad scientist agency over tons of young minds seems irresponsible and dangerous, particularly with all the Shin Uchiha clones there now.

12 Boruto Agreeing To Team 7

Team 7 was the iconic trio of Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto in the original series. When Boruto graduates Ninja Academy, he, Sarada, and Mitsuki are grouped together into a team. They were initially called Team 3, but after Sarada became wildly impressed with Naruto, she asked they be renamed Team 7. Her request was granted.

However, there’s a serious snag in reviving the name: Boruto. While Boruto learned to work well with Sarada and respect her, he still has serious issues with his father and hates the idea of following in his footsteps. For him to agree to Team 7 is a complete breach of character.

11 Sasuke’s Absentee Relationship With Sarada

Sasuke’s relationship with Sarada is strained and distant, at best. However, it doesn’t make sense for it to be. For starters, Sasuke is the best person to teach her about her genetic powers. After all, he’s the only other Uchiha. He should be caring for his only heir much more closely for that reason alone.

Beyond that, though, he knows losing his parents, his troubled relationship with his brother, and the Uchiha Curse of Hatred led him down a dark path. To do better for Sarada, he should give her a doting father and lots of support to guide her away from hatred.

10 The Emergence of The Otsutsuki Clan

When Kaguya came to earth, it was already mentioned she wasn’t the only one of her kind. However, it seemed she was the first to get distracted by love and, later, ultimately fail in her mission. It’s understandable when Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urushiki come to the planet. The problem lies more in when they came.

Thematically, if Kaguya was the final enemy large enemy, it’s insane to make her clansmen early villains in Boruto’s lore. 

Though it gave Sasuke and Naruto a challenge, it was a ridiculous feat for the genin main characters. The Otsutsuki clan should have appeared later to be villains for the younger cast.

9 So Many Ninja Housewives

Naruto showed us the strength of both male and female ninja in its many trials, battles, and wars. It gave fans the first female Hokage in Tsunade, the secretly powerful Hinata, intimidating villains like Konan, and more. However, by the time Boruto rolls around, most all of the remaining female cast are relegated to housewives.

While it makes sense for Ino to want to run her family flower shop, or Hinata to want to be close to her kids, some don’t fit the role well. For example, Sakura is far more likely to have wanted to do something else with her time, perhaps as a village medic-nin. Instead, even she’s a housewife.

8 Denki

When Boruto began, fans were introduced to the title characters closest friends. This included Shikadai and soon after, Denki. Unlike Shikadai, though, Denki is a terrible ninja and Boruto has to save him from bullies.

This seems like it might be setting up Denki for a growth arc, but instead he just always seems several steps behind everyone.

Also, Denki is prone to getting his friends into trouble because of his clumsiness, low confidence, and more. Even more, his skills in computers is barely used. Though it was a nice idea to have a kid who didn’t want to be a ninja at all, it’s disappointing his growth is so miniscule.

7 Karin Keeping Sarada’s Umbilical Cord

When Sarada was born, Karin assisted Sakura in labor. After that, though, Karin kept Sarada’s umbilical cord. It’s a very strange decision already, but her reason for doing it is even stranger. She didn’t keep it to remember helping Sakura birth life, but to have a momento of Sasuke’s. A momento that is the epitome of his relationship with someone else that isn’t her.

Karin can be misguided and creepy at times, but this perhaps takes the cake for craziest thing she’s done. She has no use for the cord and it’s disturbing to put romantic sentimentality into it.

6 Children Fighting Gang Members and Bandits

In Naruto, some of the teachers make questionable decisions by continuing fights with surprise enemies that may be too difficult for their ninja students. Boruto tries to bypass this by having rules for these situations. Students can only engage in combat with a teacher around.

However, that’s nearly worse. Now, students are actively seeking trouble with gangs and bandits. And with the permission to fight them with instructors, of course headstrong shinobi like Boruto go out fighting without that supervision. Though a nice sentiment with better planning to fight with the kids, the random encounters made more sense and encouraged genin to pursue dangerous battles less.

5 Boruto’s Low Levels of Character Development

As the main character of the series, Boruto has a surprisingly low amount of character development. In Naruto, the title character had a long way to go. He was rebellious but lonely, talented but erratic, courageous but headstrong. Boruto, on the other hand, has far less internal conflicts. He’s rebellious but has tons of friends.

He’s talented, focused, and strong. His courage is strong, but he also has a level head in a fight.

Many of Boruto’s conflicts are not internal, but external. They can often only be dealt with in time or rely on others to change, too. This makes his growth inherently less noticeable and progressing, making him less engaging as a character.

4 Underusing Himawari

Early on, it’s pretty clearly shown that Himawari, with time, might actually be the strongest Uzumaki child. Boruto may have his Karma mark and talent, but Himawari knocked out her father, Seventh Hokage, at the age of three and awakened her Byakugan. There is a raw strength to her, but she is also inherently kind and empathetic. She is a fascinating young character the show puts little spotlight on.

Moreover, it would be hilarious to see a young, cute girl achieving feats of power older children struggle with. It wouldn’t be surprising if she could. Himawari could add more humor to the show and add another great power for fans to watch evolve.

3 Sasuke’s Crimes

Throughout Naruto, Sasuke committed countless terrible crimes. Sasuke is now seen as a hero by the village despite all he’s done. It was understandable for Naruto to forgive and forget, but not the whole village. Sasuke’s actions destroyed some lives, after all, and he did try to destroy Konoha entirely.

Even more, though it’s good Sarada doesn’t have to suffer for her father’s crimes, it’s strange no one treats her differently for it. If everyone hated Naruto just for housing a dangerous creature, why wouldn’t they treat Sasuke or Sarada poorly at times? Naruto’s generation may be kinder, but those older generations are still alive and kicking. They wouldn’t stay silent.

2 Boruto’s Lack of Likable Goals

Until he becomes closer to Sarada and makes a goal of becoming her protector, more like how Sasuke is for Naruto, Boruto has very unlikable goals. Though he’s the main character, he’s very belligerent and angst-ridden about life. His only goal is to become nothing like his father.

Though Naruto is a questionable parent, he is a good leader and warrior.

His support of Sarada is the first goal that achieves something greater. That goal isn’t realized until nearly 40 episodes into the series, though. Until then, he’s only filled with abhorrence for his father, so much so that it makes his character fairly illogically angry and flat.

1 Naruto’s Terrible Parenting

Naruto is now the Seventh Hokage, a fitting achievement for the powerful, willful young ninja. However, being Hokage makes parenting very hard. Naruto is also a highly neglectful parent, though, willing to send a shadow clone to his daughter’s birthday instead of himself.

With Naruto’s desire for family and loneliness as a child, it’s ludicrous that his bad parenting is as serious as it is. The Hokage excuse makes sense to a point, but missing major life milestones and practically ignoring the troubles of his children is blatantly irresponsible. One would think he’d be an ecstatic, almost annoyingly interactive father. Instead, Naruto is nearly non-existent and that doesn’t fit his zealous, loving personality at all.

Do you think we missed anything else wrong with Boruto? Let us know in the comment section!

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