30 Canceled Marvel Projects We Never Got To See

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a tremendous pillar of the movie industry. The MCU’s movies have been steadily coming out for over a decade and they’ve made all sorts of other superhero and comic projects possible as a result.

The popularity of superhero movies is nothing new, but what’s so special about the MCU is their nearly perfect track record.

What these movies have done has become the new normal and a lot of the time it feels like Marvel’s reputation is as unblemished as Captain America’s shield. As a result, fans are hungry for more sequels and spin-offs, but it can be difficult to maintain quality control with so much out there.

The truth of the matter is that the reason why so many Marvel projects are successful and of a higher quality is because there are just as many pitches that get shot down and extinguished before they get too far off the ground.

Some of the major cancelations and changes in Marvel’s schedule have been public, but there are also many titles that most people have no idea came so close to reality.

There’s a lot of attention focused on the Marvel movies that don’t come together, but the projects that are in the pipeline for television and even video games see just as interesting development cycles.

Whether it’s a She-Hulk TV series or a Punisher video game, these ideas will unfortunately remain fascinating hypotheticals.

Accordingly, here are the 30 Canceled Marvel Projects We Never Got To See.

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