5 Pokémon Confirmed To Be In Detective Pikachu (And 5 More We Hope to See)

Understandably, the hype around Detective Pikachu continues to mount. Who doesn’t want to see a yellow, furry, oversized rodent with Ryan Reynolds’ voice run around having adventures?

The combination of Reynolds and Pikachu set the bar high from the jump. It doesn’t hurt Reynolds’ last movie featured him killing everyone in sight when he wasn’t getting torn in half by Juggernaut—or growing back his baby legs. To many fans, Reynolds and Deadpool are now one and the same, making it even weirder to hear that voice come from the mouth of everyone’s favorite Pokémon.

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Even if the Reynolds voiceover had been withheld from the start, between the animation and love for this particular Pokémon, there would still be excitement surrounding the movie. But Pikachu certainly isn’t the only Pokémon we need to see in the movie. Among those that are a must, here are 5 Pokémon confirmed to be in Detective Pikachu (and 5 we hope to see):


Ever the pain in the butt to Misty in the original Pokémon show, Psyduck looks pretty greased up in the previews. Hopefully, it has a solid home life. Though Psyduck isn’t exactly the brightest bulb, it can certainly leave a lasting impact in a battle—you just hope it’s on the opposing Pokémon and not itself.

Ideally, Psyduck pops up left and right throughout the movie, making blunders along the way. Similar to Scrat from the Ice Age franchise, though maybe it makes a few more appearances. Giving this Pokémon its own short video before the movie wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Most importantly, Psyduck needs to cross paths with Pikachu three to four times, just so Ryan Reynolds can talk smack.


Geodude Pokemon

This might feel like it’s from out in left field, but hold on a sec. Geodude has one of the more unique appearances of any Pokémon. In case you forgot, Geodudes don’t exactly have legs. Not that they’re necessary in this case, given Geodudes can float. If there’s any construction going on throughout Ryme City—which there has to be, it’s that way with every city—Geodude better be in the thick of it.

In reality, shouldn’t there be five or more Geodudes working for every major construction company?

Here’s what really needs to happen: Geodude is flying around, moving quickly to get work done, only to lose track of its surroundings, slamming into Pikachu’s face. Something says Reynolds won’t let something like that go so easily (Golem or Onix would also be cool on a construction site, but might be too big in what seem to be tight quarters in Ryme City).


The original ultra-rare Pokémon when it came to the trading cards, Charizard is a major must-have in the first Pokémon “live-action” film. And does this thing ever look absolutely terrifying, or what?

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Ash Ketchum’s Charizard wasn’t exactly a peach in the anime show and it doesn’t look like this one is either. That’s not solely based on Charizard trying to eat Pikachu, as much as that does play a pretty significant role. Charizard just looks angry. Who knows the reason? It’s not likely an answer we’ll receive in this movie either. We just have to hope he doesn’t end Reynolds run as Pikachu before he can sign on for seven more movies.


Imagine: you’re walking amongst the bourgeoisie, heading for your first ever, ritzy dinner party. Upon arrival, you notice your new rich friend has more money than all your other pals put together.

Now, what Pokémon does this friend have? You guessed it, Arcanine.

With a very similar look to the Siberian tiger, Arcanine is majestic, yet intimidating, creatures. Tim Goodman, played by Justice Smith, and Pikachu may have to experience the upper-class elite in this adventure. If they do, they need to come across at least one rather frightening, though impressive, Archanine (Ninetales would also make sense for a rich person’s Pokémon).


Ryan Reynold’s Pikachu might be the only Pokémon who can communicate with human beings in Detective Pikachu. It’d be more surprising if that weren’t, in fact, the case. However, Tim Goodman being a whisperer to all Pokémon shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility either.

If a decision was made to give the other characters human voices, Snubbull absolutely needs an English or Scottish accent. This furry pink Pokémon looked pretty big in the trailers and seems like the perfect know-it-all-cop who’s really nothing more than a bumbling idiot, constantly needing help from Goodman and Pikachu. Maybe Reynolds can throw a “why so serious?” at this character, too. Imagine, Deadpool voicing Pikachu mocking the Joker!


At some point in the course of establishing Ryme City, producers have to show different walks of life. In doing so, we’ll see Pokémon living and working in harmony with human beings. One workplace we should come across is a gym. Not a Pokémon training gym, but a regular gym where Pokémon and trainers can’t get jacked together.

At this gym, you could potentially see a Hitmonlee, a Hitmonchan and maybe a Primeape. Those make sense and would be great additions to Detective Pikachu. However, without question, Machamp has to be the most prominent Pokémon in that gym. It’s a pretty special thing to be capable of performing bicep curls while bench pressing. There’s probably not a human out there who can do it. Hopefully, we can finally see what that looks like courtesy of this jacked, four-armed Pokémon.


Outside of Pikachu, Mr. Mime has received the most screen time of all the Pokémon in the build-up to Detective Pikachu. From the looks of it, Justice Smith’s Tim Goodman and his pal Pikachu have to deal with a Mr. Mime that seems to be in the know about whatever it is Goodman and Pikachu are investigating. Obviously, being a mime, Mr. Mime is not much for talking, though it’s very much able to speak with its body.

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The one concern with this character: did production unleash all of its good parts from the movie in the trailers? The moments are pretty darn funny and are definitely a helpful piece in selling the film, but it would certainly be a let down if there isn’t more to see in the actual movie.


So, if Ryme City has its construction workers, a gym and the bougie upper class, then it has to have a section of the city devoted to the downtrodden. Among those beaten down by life, struggling to make ends meet, is a group of gypsies. With them is their trusted Pokémon Alakazam, which can somehow see into the future, using tarot cards.

In reality, what Alakazam’s really good for is using its telekinetic powers to steal wallets and any other valuables undetected. Alakazam has much more to offer than that, but life has beaten this one down, forcing it into a life of petty thievery.


Perhaps the most recognizable Pokémon after Pikachu—competing with only the likes of Charizard and Snorlax—Jigglypuff is known for having mood swings. Sure, it has an angelic voice, but there’s something about it that relaxes people, sending them into a deep slumber.

But Jigglypuff doesn’t like that. In fact, it hates when that happens. From the looks of it, the Jigglypuff already teased for Detective Pikachu has a little mean streak to it and could take that out on Pikachu. Not to mention, hearing Jigglypuff say “Jiggly!” in its high-pitched, gleeful voice is worth the price of admission on its own.


This is the one Pokémon filed under “NEED TO SEE” that’s actually been seen in some of Detective Pikachu’s marketing campaign, though you won’t find him easily. Thus leading us to believe Snorlax isn’t a surefire lock to be in Detective Pikachu. That would be a huge mistake.

Loyal Pokémon fans have long loved the sleeping giant that’s also capable of raising hell in a fight. Snorlax doesn’t even need to do much. No one would really expect it to do anything. Most people just need to see it once, maybe give it a small comedic moment and be done with it.

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