5 TWICE Fan Art Pieces That We Love

We know ONCEs are a talented bunch, so we wanted to highlight a few pieces of fan art that we were insanely impressed with.

Here’s five of our favorites:

1) We’re in love with this piece of “What is Love”? by HitomiTQX on Twitter


2) Reddit user Dangaso goes in an unexpected direction with an anime inspired Nayeon…and we definitely think it’s cool!


3) This hyper-realistic painting of Dahyun by MarloweART22 on DeviantArt is stunning.

Ds7SRZqVYAA4GxO.jpg large

4) AxeBudu on AminoApps goes chibi with this adorable Pinocchio Jeongyeon.


5) ririss on DeviantArt strikes a cool balance between realism and animated with this festive Nayeon piece.


What other pieces of fan art have you come across ONCEs?

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