6 Shondaland Projects In Development (And 9 That Are Rumored)

Fans of ABC’s Thursday night #TGIT lineup are still adjusting to the reality that Scandal, one of Shondaland’s most popular shows, has officially ended its run on television.

Not only is Scandal over, but news broke last year that creator Shonda Rhimes had signed a humongous deal with Netflix, making some fans nervous for the future of their favorite shows on ABC.

Don’t worry — her shows on ABC aren’t going anywhere. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder will still air, and fans can always binge-watch Scandal to their heart’s content.

However, with the end of Scandal and Rhimes’ upcoming move to Netflix, fans have a lot of questions about what’s next over in Shondaland.

The Shondaland name has come to mean a lot more than just the Thursday night show lineup.

Rhimes’ production company is planning on branching out into more areas of content, and we can only imagine what that might mean as her empire continues to grow. She’s starting to draw comparisons to Oprah — and for good reason.

So what is next for Shondaland? There are several legitimate projects in the pipeline and even more unsubstantiated rumors. We’re going to separate the fact from fiction.

Read on to learn about the 6 Shondaland Projects In Development (And 9 That Are Rumored).

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