7 Gentlemanly Ways BTS Have Shown Respect For Women

BTS have excellent manners and those manners are especially noticeable when the members interact with female fans, idols, and more. Here are just 7 of the many ways BTS have shown respect and consideration for the women around them.


1. Manner hands


When posing for photos, the members are mindful of where and how they place their hands.


The same is true for hugs!


2. Offering assistance

At KCON 2016, RM was quick to help Ailee down a flight of stairs by offering her his hand.


3. Respecting their space

RM was careful not to stand too close to IU or step on her dress during this awards’ show talk.

Jin and EXO‘s Chanyeol made this red carpet photo op adorably awkward by being a little bit too considerate of Red Velvet Irene‘s space, but it’s always better on the safe side!


4. Giving away their own drinks, seats, etc

At 2016 MMAJin offered his water bottle to GFRIEND‘s Sowon when he noticed that her group hadn’t been given any.


5. Helping injured fans

When a fan slipped in front of V, he immediately checked to make sure she was okay.

When this fan fainted in the audience, Jungkook took noticed and gave his water bottle to the staff to give to her.


6. Being good listeners

At fansigns, BTS show respect for all their fans by patiently listening to what they have to say.

They also cheer them up if they’re feeling down!


7. Writing empowering songs

Many of BTS songs have messages about self-worth and empowerment, but “21st Century Girls” directly addresses women. The lyrics encourage girls to be strong and one of the most memorable lines translates to, “Tell them that you’re strong/ Tell them you’re enough”.


8. BONUS: That time Jimin avoided looking at this “lady’s” chest.

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