7 Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You’re A BLACKPINK Fan

1. If BLACKPINK goes on tour, you could say that BLACKPINK’s…in your area.


2. If BLACKPINK sent fans a Valentine’s Day card, it might say “Rosé is red…


Lisa is blue


Jennie is sweet


Jisoo is Pikachu.”


3. What did Jisoo say to Lisa when she was ignoring her?


Why won’t you Lisa’n to me?


4. Had a long week? Relax with some Rosé.


5. The difference between casual BLACKPINK fans…


…and hardcore fans.


6. Stan every day…”As If It’s Your Last”.


7. Listening to your first BLACKPINK song is like “Playing With Fire”.


Once you hear it, you’ll “WHISTLE” it everywhere.


It doesn’t matter if you want to “STAY” in the fandom.


Being a BLINK isn’t a choice. It’s a “Sure Thing”.


It doesn’t hurt that all the members are all “So Hot”!

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