8 Ships That Became Harry Potter Canon After The Series Ended

The Harry Potter books may have ended, but the canon information never seems to end. J.K. Rowling provided us with an epilogue in Deathly Hallows to give us some closure but despite that, she just keeps piling on the information. As it is now, we have a wealth of information about the Wizarding World both before and after the books — including who ended up getting together romantically, the children that came from those unions, etc.

So in case you aren’t entirely caught up, you can read the definitive list of post-Potter couples here! Some are expected, and some… not so much.

8. Harry And Ginny

Let’s start with the obvious!

Ginny and Harry seemed like it was never going to happen at the start of the series. Ginny was Harry’s best friend’s sister who crushed on him hard and sent him a Valentine’s Day card that made readers everywhere cringe. However, she matured into a powerful witch, and the arrival of the sixth book saw Harry falling for her fast.

In the epilogue, it’s confirmed that they got married and had three children — Lily Luna, Albus Severus, and James Sirius.

Huh. It seems like Ginny didn’t get much of a say in those names!

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7. Ron And Hermione

Ron and Hermione Battle of Hogwarts

Another obvious one that all readers saw coming. They drove each other crazy, were constantly bickering and hurting one another, but despite their up and down relationship, they did end up getting married and having two children named Hugo and Rose.

J.K. Rowling said she later regretted putting these two together at the end, which just about broke the hearts of “Romione” fans everywhere. She pointed out that they could be pretty toxic towards each other and she married them because she wanted to see it through, but thought they might need a lot of marriage therapy to make their union work.

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6. Draco And Astoria

Draco Malfoy didn’t seem to have many romantic interests at Hogwarts. Many might have assumed that Pansy Parkinson would be who he ended up with but curiously, he didn’t. He ended up with Astoria Greengrass, a girl who had been two years below him at Hogwarts, and the two of them got married and had Scorpius Malfoy.

Lucius and Narcissa never thought Astoria was good enough for Draco despite being a pure-blood, but it seems from Harry Potter And The Cursed Child that they had a loving marriage and that she was a good influence on him. Honestly, Pansy was the last thing Draco needed to become a better person!

6. Luna And Rolf

Many were heartbroken by this union. Readers thought that Neville and Luna were meant to be, two oddballs who’d find comfort in each other after the war. However, J.K. Rowling had Luna marry and have twin boys with someone relatively unknown instead. The descendant of Newt Scamander, the two of them became Magizoologists, and lived happily ever after as such.

Although we don’t know much about Rolf, it seems that this would be a good match for Luna. She is kind-hearted and compassionate, caring deeply about the creatures around her. All that matters is she ended up happy, after all!

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4. Neville And Hannah

On the flip side of the coin, Neville married Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff from the same year as him. Hannah was a supporter of Dumbledore’s Army and someone presumably kind and loyal, judging from her house. Neville became a Herbology professor and Hannah became landlady of the Leaky Cauldron, the wizarding pub that this couple ended up living above.

It seems that these were another two that ended up relatively happy after the war, which is good. Every reader can agree that Neville deserved a loving partner and happiness. There may be some anger over the fact that Rowling didn’t choose Luna for him, but Hannah was a great character in her own right.

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3. Bellatrix And Voldemort

Harry Potter Couples Voldemort and Bellatrix

They didn’t technically become canon after the series ended, but Rowling made them canon after she’d written the series…

Bellatrix was always in love with Voldemort, but it was pretty much assumed that Voldemort wasn’t capable of such feelings. In Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, however, it was revealed that Voldemort and Bellatrix procreated and she gave birth to a daughter.

It was a controversial decision, to say the least; to retcon Voldemort’s established lack of sexuality and romantic capabilities and give him a daughter with Bellatrix, who was married to someone else… But it’s canon now, thanks to the play…

2. George And Angelina

Potentially even more controversial than Voldemort and Bellatrix in its own right is the George and Angelina ‘ship. What on earth, Weasleys?

Although they got married and had children, some odd history lingers there. Fred was very much in love with Angelina Johnson in Hogwarts, and they seemed to be a thing. Fred sadly died in the Battle of Hogwarts, leaving Angelina and George to become a couple over time. As long as they’re happy, then great, but some fans definitely questioned this — and we understand why. It seems more than strange to marry the twin of your dead ex, but hey… to each their own.

1. Percy And Audrey

Via: Pottermore

Even Percy was confirmed to find happiness!

Percy was insufferable for a lot of the series. Self-righteous and pompous, he even betrayed his family to gain an advantage in his Ministry career, turning against them when they said Voldemort was back and stuck by Harry. In the seventh book, he came crawling back right before Fred’s death, to admit he was wrong and ask forgiveness.

It was confirmed later that he married a woman named Audrey. Although we don’t know much about her, it can be assumed that they were in a happy marriage, and Percy also ended up with children running around.

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