9 Remakes Currently In Development (And 11 That Are Rumored)

Nothing gets geek movie audiences anticipating and debating quite the way that remakes do. Beloved properties from every era of film are always brimming with the potential for improvement, utter failure or just a big ol’ “Why did they even bother?”

Reboots have a very uneven track record, but there is one thing nobody can deny. They keep coming and coming. Between franchise licensing and fresh adaptations of old material, it’s fair to ask if Hollywood is running out of ideas! But let’s be fair. Sometimes, remakes beat the pants off of the original product. The ’80s horror masterpiece The Thing, for example, is a vast improvement over the ’50s version. Then again, the first ’60s film of The Planet of the Apes has never been topped by either of its franchise reboots (and the 2001 catastrophe is best forgotten entirely).

Either way, just the chance that viewers might encounter an enhanced redo of a milestone property is enough to have us all constantly asking for more. There’s an awful lot of chatter out there about what is supposedly coming from the remake wish list and what’s not. Some films are deep into development, while others face an on-again-off-again status as scant reports dribble out of studio meetings, giving fans some hope.

Honestly, it’s fair to ask if any of these things should even be touched, especially if the original is true classic. Whatever your opinion is on remakes, cinematic renovations won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, plenty are on the way!

Here are 9 Remakes That Are Currently In Development (And 11 That Are Rumored).

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