9 Times J-Hope’s Dancing Was So Smooth He Was More Liquid Than Human

J-Hope is a phenomenal dancer and all of ARMY knows it. His street dancing background and years of training have made him one of the best dancers in music today. These are just some of the many times he has blown us away with his awe-inspiring skills.

1. His “In My Feelings” Challenge

Everyone around the world participated in a challenge to dance to one of Drake’s songs. J-Hope’s rendition was so slick that he featured in the music video for the song during the credits.

2. In his ‘Boy Meets Evil’ dance practice

3. His popping is out of this world

4. The 2017 Seoul Music Awards

5. This solo dance practice in 2015

6. His solo dance break on Knowing Brothers

7. The Bangtan Bomb of his dancing on the Love Yourself Highlight Reel

8. This fancam from the Love Yourself tour in North America

9. Any time BTS perform “Fake Love”

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