A Quiet Place writers to adapt Stephen King’s The Boogeyman

With A Quiet Place raking in the big bucks at the box office, writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever they want right now. So, it’s endearing that they plan to followup their monster hit with another monster movie–one from the mind of Stephen King.

According to Deadline, the two writers are closing a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to finally make a feature-length film out of King’s incredible Night Shift short story, “The Boogeyman”. Over the years, it’s been adapted into short films by various indie filmmakers, but nothing of this magnitude.

The harrowing story follows a troubled father who recounts a godawful past to his therapist that involves his son’s bedroom closet and a handful of unexplained murderers. In short, there’s something in the closet and it’s not a pair of khakis. It’s something goddamn terrifying.

Judging from the duo’s recent tweet, it would appear the story’s in good hands:

Last year, The Losers’ Club, our Stephen King podcast, reviewed King’s 1978 short story collection, ranking “The Boogeyman” very, very high. Stream that episode below and subscribe now for weekly detours into the many levels of King’s Dominion.

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