A Star Wars: Clone Wars Mod is Being Made For Insurgency by Fans

A group of fans are making a Star Wars: The Clone Wars total conversion mod for the PC game, Insurgency. Insurgency is a tactical first-person shooter that focuses on realistic, unforgiving gameplay where players are pitted against intelligent AI opponents. The game includes numerous online modes where players must use strategy and teamwork to defeat the enemy insurgents.

The purpose of a total conversion mod is to replace all visual features of a game with all-new designs. These fan-made mods are popular with PC gamers, as they allow for extra hours of gameplay by transforming a game into an entirely new experience. An upcoming total conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas transforms Las Vegas into New York City. Some mods are so well-received that they eventually inspire standalone games. Insurgency, for example, originated from a mod. The game is actually a sequel to Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a total conversion mod for Valve’s Source engine.

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A fan-made Star Wars: The Clone Wars mod is currently being developed for Insurgency. The mod will add new weapons, voice lines, sounds, character models, classes, modes, animations, maps, and more. However, the mod is apparently a long way from completion, though progress updates are regularly posted to keep fans up to date with their work.

Its page on the Steam Workshop gives a preview of what to expect from the character designs. The soldiers in the game have been replaced with Storm Troopers. The weapons are clearly unfinished, as the Storm Troopers can be seen carrying modern military weapons. Droids have also been added to the mod. Based on the screenshots, the maps and locations also haven’t been converted yet.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is actually not the only Star Wars mod for Insurgency. There’s also Stars Wars: Insurrection and other smaller mods related to the series. The Steam Workshop is filled up with various fan-made add-ons for Insurgency, which shows how popular the indie game is with the modding community. Unfortunately, modders won’t be able to work with its highly-anticipated sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm, which launches in September. Unlike its predecessor, Sandstorm won’t come with mod support.

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A release date for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars mod for Insurgency has yet to be announced.

Source: Shadowlock46/Reddit

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