Actor Jo Jungsuk Shared How He Feels About EXO’s D.O. And It’s So Sweet

On January 23, Jo Jungsuk appeared on V Live‘s Actor&Chatter to talk about his new movie, Hit-and-Run Squad. During the interview, Jo Jungsuk was asked to choose who he wants as a real brother between Lee Jaehoon, EXO‘s D.O. and Ryu Junyeol.

do jungsuk (2)

Jo Jungsuk revealed he still thinks of EXO’s D.O. like his real younger brother thanks to their role in the movie, My Annoying Brother.

 “I still feel D.O. is like my real younger brother. I think the roles we played on the movie affects the relationship in real life as well.”

do jungsuk (3)

Jo Jungsuk also added, if he had a sister, he would introduce her to D.O. over Lee Jaehoon and Ryu Junyeol as well.

“That’s a hard question… I should give him a push since he’s the youngest. The older ‘hyungs’ can figure it out themselves.”

do jungsuk (4)

Jo Jungsuk and D.O. shared a close relationship since they appeared on My Annoying Brother in 2016. Since then, they have mentioned each other in numerous interviews and boasted their friendship.

Watch the clip here:



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