Actor Yoo Ah In Enters Top 12 Best Actors Of 2018 By The New York Times

Actor Yoo Ah In has become the first Asian actor to be included in The New York Times‘s “The Best Actors of 2018”.



The New York Times released their annual list of best actors, “The Best Actors of 2018”, on December 6.



Yoo Ah In, who was included in the list for his film, Burning, was praised by the magazine for his compelling acting in the film.



Other actors who made it on the list include Glenn Close, Ethan Hawke, Toni Colette and more.



Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In has also recently been gaining attention for his new film, Default, which revolves around the IMF crisis in Korea. Yoo Ah In’s character, Yoon Jung Hak, is a finance man who predicts, rages at and exploits Korea’s sovereign default.


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