Alamo Drafthouse Launching Movie Ticket Subscription Service

In keeping with the film-going trend, Alamo Drafthouse is testing the waters with their own movie ticket subscription service. The new service will be beta tested before the company makes a decision on whether or not to go live for all consumers.

Movie ticket subscriptions have been all the rage in the news lately. First, with the legal and financial struggles surrounding MoviePass. The service recently announced fluctuating prices for blockbuster films that will add an extra two dollars to the MoviePass ticket prices for certain, highly anticipated films during their opening weekends. AMC recently announced a competing service that offers three tickets a week for $20 a month. AMC and MoviePass have been at odds on frequent occasions, as the theater chain initially rejected the MoviePass service in their establishments.

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Deadline reports Alamo Drafthouse’s intention to enter the film ticket subscription market. The controversial theater chain will be testing the service in their Yonkers, New York location beginning July 18. Very few details have been given about the potential service at this time, including benefits and price. But the chain released a statement noting that moviegoers had been requesting a service of this kind for quite a while now. The statement indicated that consumers were interested in an unlimited pass with the ability to reserve tickets in advance of the film. Those who already pay for the Alamo Victory service will be first in line to sign up for the Alamo Drafthouse subscription service, though a waiting list has already begun to fill up at the Yonkers location.

Alamo Drafthouse has been busy enacting several projects and longterm changes recently. The company recently pushed a campaign to advertise an increased theater experience meant to rival IMAX. The new curved screens and the enhanced sound system will first be revealed in the company’s Woodbridge, Virginia and Denton, Texas locations. Raleigh, North Carolina will host the company’s new VHS rental store featuring an estimated 90,000 films.

The theater chain sparked outrage last year when a women-only screening of Wonder Woman was announced. Many felt the idea was discriminatory against male consumers. The screenings did have an inclusive feel in the fact that anyone identifying as a woman, and not just those who were strictly women by birth, were allowed to attend. Alamo Drafthouse went through with the plan despite the backlash and doubled down on their stance by later promoting an all-clown viewing of the IT remake.

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Source: Deadline

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