Alien: Blackout Guide – Tips, Tricks, and How To Stay Alive

Alien Blackout Xenomorph AI Core

A guide featuring helpful tips and tricks to aid players in keeping Amanda Ripley and her crew alive in Alien: Blackout against the xenomorph threat.

In the mobile game Alien: Blackout, the sequel to Alien: Isolation, players take on the role of Amanda Ripley who finds herself trapped on a spaceship with four other survivors of an alien attack. It is Amanda’s job to monitor each level of the station for the alien’s presence while also guiding the other crew members to complete tasks that will eventually lead to their escape.

At first, this might seem like an easy task. But as the levels progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to micromanage the team and keep the alien away from the crew and Amanda. Monitoring each of the seven levels means continuously checking for the xenomorph’s whereabouts and figuring out which way crew members need to go to complete their missions without getting killed. Each level has two crew members, and if they die, the game ends. Amanda must also keep herself alive, and that means preventing the alien from attacking her where she hides while she’s also managing each crew member. With a total of seven levels, it can feel impossible to escape the space station alive.

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However, players can beat Alien: Blackout with a little help. The following Alien: Blackout guide features tips and tricks will help keep everyone alive and safe from the xenomorph, allowing them to escape the nightmare of Alien: Blackout.

Use Headphones While Playing Alien: Blackout

Most mobile games only have ambient sound, meant to add to the gameplay experience. Alien: Blackout, though, uses sound as part of its gameplay so it is essential that players listen carefully as they play. This is why it is highly recommended that players use headphones when indulging in Alien: Blackout because sound is sometimes the only way to hear the alien approaching Amanda’s hiding spot. This gives Amanda time to respond by closing the vents (although this creates a station blackout) to keep the alien from killing her. If the alien sneaks up on her and kills her, the game immediately ends. So wear headphones, and listen carefully.

Pay Attention And Listen to the Team and Vents

Alien: Blackout is not a typical mobile game that someone can play while doing something else. This is a game best played when there are no distractions. Because the alien can pop up anywhere at any time, it’s important to keep an eye on the game and listen carefully. Listening to teammates is crucial because they will often say that they hear the alien approaching. Listening to the scuttling in the vents means the creature is heading towards Amanda. It’s also important to watch the cameras, switching back and forth between them as quickly as possible. When that red dot appears on the map, a quick response to tell a crew member to hide or run can be the difference between life or death.

Use Path Drawing To Specify Crew Movements

Always consider drawing a path for a crew member to reach an objective. This allows Amanda to have crew members stay out of the alien’s way and gives her a chance to close doors behind them to keep the alien at bay. Sometimes path drawing is a little tricky, so the best tip is to click on the dot that represents the crew member Amanda wants to select and then tap where they need to go. If at all possible, though, drag a finger along the exact path to get them from point A to point B as safely as possible.

Alien Blackout - Map

Always Have One Power Slot Available

There are only five power slots available during each level of Alien: Blackout. Once the power slots burn out, Amanda and her team become more vulnerable because she doesn’t have power to do what it takes to keep people alive. That leaves everyone open to an alien attack. During each level, observe the power slots, and always make sure to have at least one available. The alien is unpredictable and can turn up anywhere at any time. Having a power slot available to close a door or activate a Motion Tracker Zone quickly could save a crew member’s life.

Use Crew Commands

Amanda can tap on each crew member and get a list of orders for them that includes run, hide, sneak and come out. Use these commands to keep crew members safe. If an alien is near a crew member and there is no door to keep the alien away, the best thing to do is to tell them to hide until the alien has moved on. It’s also good to wait a little longer after the alien disappears, just in case, before telling a crew member that it’s safe to come out. If there’s a room with a door that could save a crew member nearby, tell that crew member to run into that room so that Amanda can close the door behind them. Remember, though, that each time Amanda speaks, it alerts the alien to her location. While giving commands, also listen for the sounds of the alien entering the vents near Amanda and respond accordingly.

Try to keep all crew members alive in each level

Although each level only requires one crew member to stay alive to complete it, it’s important to try to keep all four crew members alive throughout the game. As the levels progress and get harder, Amanda will need everyone to complete the missions necessary to escape the ship. Each level has two crew members working tasks, so if one dies, go ahead and stop the game and replay the level until both get through. It’s almost impossible to finish the game without the full crew, and although it might get monotonous replaying levels, getting everyone out alive should be Amanda’s top priority.

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Alien: Blackout is now available for $4.99 on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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