Amber Heard Says Mera Looks ‘Full Comic Book’ Faithful in Aquaman

Aquaman actress Amber Heard has said that her visual depiction of Mera in the upcoming film will be comic accurate. Heard’s character Mera is Aquaman’s love interest in the film and eventually becomes his wife in the source material. Mera first appeared on film in Justice Leaguealbeit in a minor cameo role. Although the Aquaman movie will largely focus on Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman, it seems that Mera’s role will still be hefty.

Aquaman is the first DC film to release since the lukewarm Justice League hit theaters last year. The DCEU has been met with its fair share of criticism and, as a result, has shifted its focus to more individualized films. Like next year’s Shazam!, James Wan’s Aquaman is focused on telling its own story within the DC movie universe continuity officially established in 2016.

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In an interview with EW, Heard spoke in detail about Mera’s role in the film. She loves the concept of Mera being a “warrior queen” and was drawn to the role by Zack Snyder because she is averse to being a damsel. Like her modern comic-book counterpart, Mera will be a stern future leader, having been raised to become Queen of Atlantis her whole life. All of this seems to play into the costumes Mera will wear throughout Aquaman. According to Heard:

“Justice League highlighted her militaristic side. In Aquaman we have a fuller picture, not just her as Mera of Atlantis but also see her struggle in the surface world in civilian clothes. One of my favorite scenes is her first time on the surface world and she’s forced to dress as a normal human. We wanted to honor the comic books, I wanted to stick with how she’s depicted in the comic books in a superficial way, I wanted to go full comic book as to how she looks, but it’s in the nuance of her personality where I wanted to push the boundaries.”

This is not the first revelation from the upcoming film that indicates Wan is paying homage to the source material. Many fans reacted positively to the recently released teaser photo of the villain Black Manta, which highlighted his signature mask. The stills released of Mera thus far certainly add to Heard’s claims that the film will be borrowing heavy influence from the Aquaman comics.

To say there is a lot riding on Aquaman‘s success is an understatement. When DC first announced their plans to expand their franchises into a shared universe, fans were elated. So far, though, only Wonder Woman is generally considered by many to be both a critical and commercial success. Even though films like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad did considerably well at the box office, their negative buzz seemingly led to creative conflict for Justice League. Aquaman’s solo outing will have to convince audiences to give DC’s movie universe a second chance. Luckily, it seems that Aquaman will continue the trend of dynamic female characters that Wonder Woman proved was lucrative.

Mera’s role in the future of the film franchise is certainly expected only to grow if the film should spawn a sequel. The Queen of Atlantis has always been a supporting character in the Aquaman comics but remained a major focal point, especially in the newest continuity. It could be that Mera steals the show in the movie adaptation. Since details are still scarce on the film’s plot, audiences will have to wait until Aquaman is released this December to find out.

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Source: EW

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