Aquaman Director Teases Underwater Action Scene

James Wan offers up a look at his underwater action scenes in Aquaman. After a rather tumultuous year in 2017, Warner Bros. is hoping their lone 2018 DC film can help right the DCEU once again. That’s at least how one producer believes Aquaman is shaping up and it’s easy to see why. They’ve allotted Furious 7 director James Wan creative freedom to flesh out Jason Momoa’s rocker version of Arthur Curry in the character’s solo film. He was a scene-stealer in Justice League after all.

The underwater landscape of Atlantis has been largely untouched when it comes to Aquaman, even after a few scenes in Justice League and a tease from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wan is looking to correct the wrong doings that came before, most notably the underwater air bubbles that allowed Atlanteans to communicate before. And now, it looks like he’s teasing an action scene ahead of the movie’s first trailer next month.

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Wan posted a photo on Instagram of his “lifelike clone” Funko Pop! figure. However, he posted the photo while he’s hard at work in the Warner Bros.’ editing bay to make progress on Aquaman. Thanks to Wan’s celebration, he also revealed a glimpse at an underwater fight scene. It isn’t the best look, but there are some aspects to discuss. Let’s first check out the photo:

The warrior on the right appears to be wearing the traditional Atlantean armor. Although it is difficult to really be sure, there is a resemblance to the armor Patrick Wilson is wearing in the first image of Ocean Master. The man on the left isn’t wearing the same style of armor, though, so this may be part of an actual fight and not a training/sparring session between the army of Atlantis. If he isn’t under the command of Orm and Vulko (Willem Dafoe), then he may be a Xebel Soldier for King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren).

If this is Xebel and Atlantean warriors in combat, then it could be part of a scene that brings a previously released image to life. A recent image had the Xebel and Atlantean armies standing opposite of one another in the ruins of The Council of Kings. This latest image from Wan could show that this isn’t a friendly meeting and that the two sides will hash it out in an epic underwater battle. Should that prove to be the case, this could be one of the scenes we’ll get to see in the first trailer, which will be released at SDCC. Whatever the case may be, we must now wait to see what these underwater fights will look like in motion.

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Source: James Wan/Instagram

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