Ariana Grande reigns over the universe in “God is a Woman” video: Watch

Ariana Grande has revealed the new music video for “God is a Woman”, the latest single off her upcoming Sweetener album. It was helmed by director by Dave Meyers, known for his work with Kendrick Lamar and SZA, as well as Grande’s recent clips for “No Tears Left to Cry” and “The Light is Coming”.

In the visual, Grande is seen reigning over the universe (rightfully so), deflecting hateful comments from men (also rightfully so), and reciting her own version of Ezekiel 25:17, made famous of course by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

Watch below.

Per Instagram photos posted by the newly engaged Grande, it appears Meyers was assisted on set by artist Alexa Meade, whose past pieces have involved painting and then submerging her subjects in a pool of milk (see the artwork for “God is a Woman”).

Like the song’s title, the visual celebrates the power of womanhood. When asked by a fan whether she feared potential backlash for the title, Grande confidently replied:

“I was expecting it and of course understand it … but it’s art. it’s okay if not everybody understands everything i do. i’m grateful for the opportunity to be myself and inspire others to do that as well. I would rather do that than play it safe.”

Sweetener, the follow-up to 2016’s Dangerous Woman, officially arrives August 17th.

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