Bae Doona And Son Suk Gu Are Reportedly Dating, Agencies Respond

According to an exclusive report, actors Bae Doona and Son Suk Gu have been dating since 2017.


The two appeared in Netflix‘s Sense8 Season 2, where Bae Doona was a regular cast member and Son Suk Gu appeared in the Seoul segments.


Even though Bae Doona is 4 years older than Son Suk Gu, she would always give him advice on acting.

Reports indicate Son Suk Gu also followed Bae Doona and joined her current agency, Saetbyul-dang Entertainment.


The pair have uploaded pictures with each other on social media and were reportedly dating comfortably, without paying attention to their surroundings.


Their agency has since responded, saying they are just friends.

“The reports saying Bae Doona and Son Suk Gu are not true. They are just friends” — Saetbyul-dang Entertainment.


Bae Doona is currently preparing for her next drama, Kingdom, which will also be aired on Netflix. Her movie Drug King will also be released this year. Son Suk Gu most recently appeared in KBS Suits as David Kim and also appeared in tvN drama Mother.

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