BIGBANG’s Daesung Hospitalized At Military Hospital

BIGBANG‘s Daesung was reported to have been hospitalized at the military hospital in Chuncheon, where he is currently serving his mandatory 2-year enlistment.

According to reports, Daesung was admitted into the hospital to receive treatment. The hospital confirmed that Daesung was hospitalized, but was soon discharged after receiving his treatments. However, they did not reveal the exact reason why he was at the hospital. They only stated that it was for personal reasons.

“It’s true [Daesung] was hospitalized. He has been discharged.”

— Chuncheon Military Hospital

Thankfully, Daesung’s medical issue doesn’t seem too critical. This is the second BIGBANG member to be hospitalized recently during their military service. G-Dragon was also recently hospitalized to receive surgery on his ankle injury.

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